Cyberskull is an antagonist in Mighty Max. He is an evil Video Game virus.

He is one of the main players in Worst Villain Tournament Ever. and In Free for All Villains Tournament,

Worst Villain Tournament Ever

Mighty Max The Cyberskull Virus.jpg

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Free For All Villains Tournament:

Cyberskull vs. Dr Ivo Robotnik:

Cyberskull Was Recruited by Gantu and Mechanicles after They Loss in the Battle Against of The Koopas and Robotniks Alliance. When Mechanicles was Working on a New Weapon to Destroy The Koopas and Robotniks Alliance. Gantu Orders Cyberskull to Go and Defeat Dr Ivo Robotnik Which He Agrees.

By the time He Arrives at Dr Ivo Robotnik's Base. He Catch Him Unprepared to Fight Anyone. So He Manages to Defeat Him With the Help of Mechanicles' Giant Robot.

Calling Himself and His Team mates: The Deadly Enemies of the Koopas and Robotniks Alliance:

After Dr Cortex and Negaduck Returned Back to Dr Cortex's Castle. Cyberskull and the Rest of His Allies Called Themselves: The Deadly Enemies of the Koopas and Robotniks Alliance!

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