A spin-off war created by Fattus Cattus.  


Round 1:

  1. Hades vs The Devil
  2. Scar and Zira vs Werner Werman
  3. Cruella De Vil vs Sally Stageplay
  4. Dr. Facilier vs King Dice
  5. Clayton vs Treetop Troubles
  6. Epilogue

Round 2:

  1. Queen of Hearts vs Baroness Von Bon Bon
  2. Prince John vs Rumour Honeybottoms
  3. Gaston vs Goopy Le Grande
  4. Sabor and Shere Khan vs Wally Warbles
  5. Yzma vs Dr Kahl
  6. Jafar vs Hopus Pocus
  7. Maleficent and Jafar vs The Devil
  8. Epilogue

Round 3:

  1. Grim Matchstick vs Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Baroness Von Bon Bon vs Mr. Winkie
  3. Treetop Troubles vs Percival C. McLeach
  4. Cala Maria vs Flotsam and Jetsam
  5. Captain Brinybeard vs Captain Hook
  6. Werner Werman’s Robot Cat vs Ratigan
  7. Edgar vs The Phantom Express
  8. Epilogue

Round 4

  1. The Devil and King Dice vs Maleficent and Jafar

Events of the War

Part One

Hades starts his takeover on Mount Olympus but however The Devil arrives wanting to overthrow him. Using his Titans, Hades tries to stop him, but the Devil destroys the Ice Titan before using his magic to make the Lava Titan's flow hit the god. He then shoots the Rock Titan's heads off and freezes Hades before sucking the rest of the Titans into the Wind Titan and shooting them to Space. Hades recovers but The Devil throws him into the River Styx as he takes over Mount Olympus.

Scar and his mate Zira are planning their uprising but suddenly a rat named  Werner Werman appears and begins to attack the duo. He knocks out the Hyenas, before using a catapult to injure Scar. Zira however starts to help but is knocked out by his Bombs. However, Scar manages to make the rat's can explode before knocking him out and letting the Hyenas injure him.

Sally Stageplay is in the middle of her performance but Cruella De Ville mocks her sending Jasper and Horace to attack her but the star makes Horace bash Jasper on the head but he recovers sending a Chandelier crushing her husband. Jasper then gets knocked away, but Cruella throws some knives at Sally killing the performer.

King Dice makes a bet with Dr. Facilier. If the voodoo doctor he can beat Dice and his minions Pip and Dot in a fight he will own the Casino and it's riches. Facilier sends out his Shadow Demons to attack him but Pip and Dot defeat them. Facilier uses a Voodoo blast to knock Dice's goons out, but Dice grabs his Talisman and destroys it. Facilier's Friends on the Other Side drag him to his demise.

Clayton is hunting for a Dragonfly but the beast is protected by the Treetop Troubles. A giant woodpecker pecks Clayton, knocking him out, but the hunter recovers and shoots the sentient wood logs. Unfortunately for Clayton, the Dragonfly breaks his shotgun before strangling him in vines. The vines snap and the hunter is hanged.

Maleficent and Jafar learn about how the Devil defeated Hades and plan to save the God.

Werner survives his injuries and chases the Hyenas away.

Scar hears about Clayton's Death, and becomes worried that there is a new top predator. So, he recruits Shere Khan, Kaa, Zira, Sabor and Ushari to deal with the creatures.

The Devil recruits Grim Matchstick, King Dice and Cala Maria to guard Olympus while he looks after hell.

Facilier's tombstone lies near the casino.

Part Two

The Queen of Hearts is throwing a game of Croquet which is unusually calm. Unfortunately, Baroness Von Bon Bon arrives to take over Wonderland. The Queen sends out her Card Soldiers who defeat one of her traps, but another one knocks out one of the soldiers The Queen then knocks it out with a Flamingo Pole. Bon Bon's living castle chases the cards away. Bon Bon knocks the Queen out and takes over Wonderland.

Prince John and Sir Hiss are arguing, but Rumour Honeybottoms arrives to take over his throne. John sends out his guards to deal with her and the army of bees. The Wolf Archers and Trigger manage to stop some of the bees, but Rumour deflects one of the arrows, sending it forwards Trigger and The Sheriff of Nottingham, who both manage to dodge it. Then one of the bees knocks Trigger and Rumour shoots a missile at the Archers, leaving the Sheriff and the Rhino Guards to chase her but they fall into a trap. Honeybottoms burns Prince John's castle leaving the Prince to cry for his mother.

Goopy Le Grande is terrorizing a town leaving Gaston and LeFou to hunt it down. Gaston tries to shoot it but the blob avoids the gunshot before knocking him into a puddle of mud. LeFou and the rest of Gaston's Angry Mob try to deal with the creature but some of them including LeFou get knocked out. Then Goopy frightens the Mob away. Gaston recovers but gets pushed aside. The hunter uses his strength to stun the creature before shooting him down. Gaston and Lefou celebrate their victory.

Scar sends Shere Khan and Sabor to deal with a bird named Wally Warbles, who's invaded his territory. The two Felines arrive to Wally, but he knocks out Sabor before knocking down Khan with his feathers. However, the two recover and defeat him.

Dr Kahl sneaks into Yzma's Secret Laboratory to steal a secret potion. He uses a trap to knock the Old Woman down, but she recovers and sends out the Incan Palace Guards to deal with the Doctor, but he turns them into Animals before sending them down a pit. Another bomb causes a potion to drop and Yzma is turned into a cat.

Maleficent and Jafar start their plan to save Hades from the Devil. Jafar decides to dealwith Hopus Pocus a minion of King Dice. Jafar finds Hopus, who burns him. They fight until Jafar deflects his shots, killing the demonic rabbit.

Meanwhile Maleficent deals with King Dice's remaining minions Mangosteen and Phear Lap. She sends her goons out, but the duo shocks the goons and defeats them. Mal retaliates and destroys them as Jafar arrives. Then, the Devil appears and reflects Mal's attack with his magic, before defeating Jafar. Mal turns into her Dragon form and manages to put up a good fight against the Devil's snake form but she quickly defeated as well, and retreats.

Returning to their castle Maleficent and Jafar argue over their next move while Hades gets imprisoned in the Devil's realm.

Part Three

In a world of dinosaurs, a Tyrannosaurus Rex and some Velociraptors are stalking some other dinosaurs, but Grim Matchstick has been sent out by The Devil to take over the land. The dragon uses his eyes and fireballs to take out the Raptors and the T-Rex. He is now the new top predator of the Dinosaur World.

A Mysterious stranger sends Mr. Winkie to wonderland to take out the new ruler (Baroness Bon Bon). When he gets there he sends out his Weasels to get rid of one of Bon Bon's minions, but one minion is too fast for the weasel, who accidentally hits Winkie on the head. Finally, the Baroness uses her living castle to get rid of the weasels. 

Percival C. McLeach goes to the Treetop Troubles to avenge Clayton and hunt down the Dragonfly himself but the giant Woodpecker hits him and Joanna. The poacher survives and shoots down some henchmen but the Dragonfly arrives and knocks him down. McLeach then falls off a waterfall.

Ursula, who sees Carla Maria as a threat, turns her pet eels Flotsam and Jetsam into a Hammerhead Shark and a Whale. Sadly, when they get there, the giant mermaid she crushes Jetsam with some falling ice. Flotsam attempts to hit her but another one of her traps kills him.

Captain Hook decides to take out an old rival Captain Brinybeard, Mr. Smee sends out the Pirates to attack him, but one of Brinybeard's traps takes out two of them, as well as Hook. He then uses a Shark to knock them out.

Professor Ratigan is drinking with his minions but then he gets attacked by Werner Werman's Robot Cat. He goes feral on it but eventually the Cat knocks him off Big Ben.

Bill Sykes sends out Edgar paying him to rob a train but it turns out to be The Phantom Express. The ghost frightens the butler, who ends up driving into the river. He survives, but the Skeleton Conductor chases him into a stone windmill, which he crashed into. Edgar is killed by the impact.

Judge Claude Frollo gathers his alliance, consisting of Governor Ratcliffe, Lieutant Colonel Staquait, Werner, Hook who survived his encounter with Brinybeard, Gaston, Brom Bones, Honest John, Gideon and The Coachman, who is up to something...

Rumour Honeybottoms decides to team up with Wonderland's Current ruler Baroness Von Bon Bon.

Ratigan survives his fall and meets up with the hooded stranger which turns out to be Pete. Pete shows Ratigan his alliance, consisting of Dr. Drakken and Shego, Negaduck and the Gang of Megavolt, Bushroot, The Liquidator and Quackerjack, his henchmen of Weasels and The Beagle Boys and Brer Fox and Brer Bear.

Meanwhile back at their castle Maleficent and Jafar begin a new plan to save Hades from The Devil.

Part Four

Maleficent and Jafar start their plan to free Hades. Maleficent turns Iago into a Phoenix and they go into the Devil's realm. The Devil and King Dice notice the duo. Devil shocks Maleficent's Goons, but Iago gets rid of one of their henchmen. Sadly, he gets hit by the Devil. Jafar turns into a Cobra but gets smacked by Dice. Maleficent upgrades Iago's phoenix form giving him the powers of A Firebird. After a brief fight, The Devil crushes him in a rockslide and turns Jafar back to his human form. Iago reverts back to his original form and Maleficent frees Hades as the trio retreat back to their castle.

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