Crystal of Souls

Crystal of Souls is Skullmaster's powerful staff from Mighty Max cartoon. It is the main source of the warlord's power. It grows stronger when souls are absorbed inside it. The Crystal is used by Skullmaster during Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever


The Crystal's origins are unknown, it was seemingly created by an Elder God, who may have been Shinnok. The Crystal ended up in Earthrealm, where it was found by God Loki. Loki quickly discovered the power of the crystal by absorbing all the recently killed beings from Atlantis into it. Some say mysterious powerful demon named The Demon King wanted the Crystal, but Loki tricked him by giving him a fake crystal, which sealed him into "The Black Hole". Loki would later offer the Crystal of Souls for real to a roaming Outworldian named Skullmaster, under the disguise of an old man. He would only get it if he hid the Hammer of Thor to Parallel World. After Skullmaster succeeded, Loki gave him the Crystal of Souls. Skullmaster wanted Loki to send him to Outworld, where he could take on Shao Kahn and overthrow him as the ruler. However Loki, being a trickster god, sent Skullmaster to Hell instead. The Crystal of Souls has since been in Skullmaster's hands, and he could use the Crystal to escape from Hell sometimes.

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