Crud is an evil dark slime monster whose only desire to rule the world by making it dirty, instead of being cleaned and washed up. He is a minor villain from "The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh". Although he didn't make an appearance due to his lack of fighting footage in the villains tournaments, despite that he is evil and dark monster, he make a brief appearance in Disney Villains War - Part 2.

Disney Villains War 2

Turning The Queen Mad

When Doctor Facilier was offended by the Evil Queen's allies during a celebration, he showed to them his dark side by summoning the Friends on the Other Side to attack the Evil Queen, while performing a musical number. After the Friends casted a spell at the Evil Queen turning her mad, and the Queen confronted her sea captain, Ratcliffe, she mistakely believes that he looks like a green-goo monster, most likely Cru's appearance, but in reality it was one of the Evil Queen's illusions who turned her insane before it disappeared by Maleficent's magic.

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