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Crita is Flogg's lieutenant in the television series, "The New Adventures of He-Man". The only female villain of the series. Crita seems to develop a love interest on Skeletor, in the series, and possibly in the villains wars. Crita is a major player in Disney vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

A Short Introduction

Crita is first introduced, whe Skeletor arrives at the mutants hideout, taking them all by surprise, and introduced himself to Flogg, as he proposes an alliance between him and the mutants, with Flogg agreed to his offer.

The Real Battle

Later, Skeletor enlists Crita into his services for his next phase of his plans. As it turns out, Skeletor sets off to destroy the race of the Heed. as he warns the other mutants for the his signal to leave the planet of the Heed, when the time would come. As Skeletor, Flogg and Slush Head were dealing with the Heed, Crita confronts Gravitina, an employ of their recent enemy, Zurg, and decides to deal with her personally. However, Gravitina strikes first, as she blasts a lightning bolt from her head to the ceiling above Crita, causing the debris to fall right to Crita, knocking her off. Before Gravitina would finish her, a recovered Crita counter atttacks and blasts at Gravitina, knocking her off. When Skeletor gives the signal, Flogg, Crita and the rest of the mutant army leave the planet at once, leaving for Skeletor to activate his asteroid ray. While Skeletor escapes from the planet, the Heed and Gravitina died in a fiery explosion, caused by the asteroid ray.

The Second Assault on Planet Z

In the later events, Flogg and Skeletor set their forces to attack again Planet Z. While they were dropping the space ships on the planet, they get a counter attack by the planet's defenders, the Hornets and Warp Darkmatter. Slush Head and Crita then destroy many of Zurg's Hornets before they would land on the planet's ground. With the efficiency of Flogg and the skill of Skeletor, Zurg is forced to retreat from the planet. The outraged Flogg then orders to his mutant army to search the entire space for Zurg and bring him arrested back to him.