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The Crab General is the secondary antagonist in the animated movie, "Help! I am a Fish". A normal underwater creature, who was given human characteristics by a magic potion, which was kept by Joe the Fish. The Crab immediately became a general of Joe's growing fish army. The Crab General is a minor player in Heroes Vs Villains War and in Non-Disney Heroes Vs Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Crabs Fight

When Joe spots Ariel and her friends, he orders the Captain General to take care of the marine heroes. As soon as Sebastian warns the others to leave at once, so that he will deal with the crab, the Crab General prepares to attack Sebastian. However, Sebastian jumps into the General's opening shell face, the General's only weakness, knocking him out. When Ariel and her friends escape, Joe express his anger towards to his fish army, included his general.

Battle Under the Sea

Later, Joe brings on his fish army to attack again Ariel and her friends. At first he has the Crab General and his crabs followers, marching towards to them, so they might be afraid to deal with Joe's army. However, just like the previous time, Ariel and her friends escape once more from the clutches of Joe.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

While Joe was pursuiting Edmond's company, the Crab General was chasing Edmond himself. But before he would reach him, Edmond jumps into the waters of an ocean, and then reaches a basket, that saves him and his friends from Joe and the Crab General.

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