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Count Rochefort, aka The Black Moustache, is the villain from Dogtanian and The Three Muskehounds (D´Artacan y Los Tres Mosqueperros) and first person Dogtanian meets on his journey. Their second meeting end with Dogtanian beaten and bruised and it isn't the last time they fight. Rochefort is Richelieu's spy, helping with the Cardinal's plans to remove the Musketeers. He's a cavalier, excellent with the sword and with a sense of honour he ends up retiring his sword and recommending Dogtanian for a place in the Musketeers.

In the novel Rochefort is noted for a scar on his cheek and fights with D'Artagnan on 3 occasions before becoming friends, although D'Artagnan accidentally kills his friend in a riot. He was probably based on Henri-Louis d'Aloigny, the Marquis de Rochefort

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