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Count Dooku is a major antagonist in the Star Wars franchise and is the main antagonist of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The leader of the Separatists who is also a master of the Sith arts, Dooku is a skilled lightsaber duelist and philosopher of the Force. He is a major player in the second Disney Villains War and a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Villains War 2

Vs Animatronic Hook

Meeting with the Mad Doctor, Doctor Calico informed his ally of the alien incursion. Distressed to hear of this unexpected threat, the Mad Doctor dispatched his robotic Captain Hook to look into it. Accessing the alien flagship, Hook encountered AUTO, which he managed to destroy with shots from his pistol. However, he was then confronted by the mysterious Count Dooku, who revealed AUTO had only been a distraction to draw Hook out of hiding. Hook drew his sword, but Dooku drew a lightsaber and engaged the robotic pirate, slicing his arm off with a powerful slash. Dooku revealed the power of "the Force", tearing Hook's body apart. Meanwhile, Zurg watched the battle with curiosity.

Teaming with Zurg

In the CGI Realm, Count Dooku arrived at Zurg's lair, revealing that he knew the warlord was watching the battle with Hook. Dooku offered Zurg an alliance with him and his dark master, using the promise of the secrets of dimensional travel as a bargaining chip.

Battle of CGI

In the CGI Universe, the Mad Doctor and his allies confronted the combined forces of Zurg and Count Dooku at the Keyblade Graveyard, an ancient land scarred by the first war with the Great Evil. Both sides hoped to reach Kingdom Hearts, which could return them to the Animated Universe. On the front lines, Count Dooku's droid army and Doctor Calico's private army kicked off the battle. Doctor Calico soon unleashed an attack helicopter against the droids but it was soon destroyed. Hopper and his gang of grasshoppers then joined the fray as Dooku sent out some Magnaguards to face them. The mad grasshopper Thumper tore into one of the Magnaguards, slaying it. As Doctor Calico's forces began to be overwhelmed by Dooku's droids, the Mad Doctor activated one of his inventions to even the odds: a giant robotic arm. As the Mad Doctor began to push back against the droids, Master Xehanort arrived, having prepared to sieze Kingdom Hearts for himself. As Doctor Calico's army attempted to surround him, Xehanort annihilated them with one telekinetic push, completely shattering their ranks. He then summoned two Carnotaurs which sent Hopper's gang running in fear. As Hopper tried to escape, one of the Carnotaurs devoured him. Dooku then entered the fray and confronted the Mad Doctor's machine. Dooku unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning which critically damaged the machine, forcing the Mad Doctor to pull back. As one of the Carnotaurs confronted Dooku, he used a powerful Force Push to send debris down on the Carnotaur, killing it. Xehanort then confronted Dooku and the two engaged in a duel, with Dooku wielding his lightsaber and Xehanort wielding his Keyblade. After clashing for a bit, Xehanort fired a blast of dark energy, knocking him back. Xehnaort then departed as Dooku looked on in anger.

Informing his master

Meanwhile, Count Dooku contacted his mysterious master to tell him of their losses. Despite this, Dooku's master believed it was only a matter of time before the war turned in their favor.

Count Dooku in the CGI Universe

Disney Villains War 3

Send a sith member

Knowing that after his last venture he might have raised the ire of the Sith, Calico defended his new base with the most superb defenses at hand. Count Dooku then sent Asajj Ventress to assassinate Calico so as to prove herself worthy of being his apprentice.

Word from Jolly Roger

Count Dooku received word from Jolly Roger who might have found a base where the Seekers were hiding.

Sending Savage Opress

Having finished his training under Dooku, Savage Opress received his first mission to strike against the Seekers.Savage returned to his master with bad news. Dooku was infuriated at his failure and began to torture him with Force Lightning.

A new assault

A new assault on The World That Never Was was opened as Dooku threw in Savage and Ventress to finally land a decisive blow.

Propose an alliance

With war being waged on multiple fronts, Count Dooku proposed a cease fire to Young Xehanort. The latter was happy to accept as it proved beneficial to his own plans and gave Dooku Sora as a sign of good faith.

Giving invitations

Hades received a special invitation for a meeting from Count Dooku as Gothel started to feel that Maleficent felt off.Clu received an interesting invitation from Dooku discussing what might be the biggest happening in the universe.

Disscusing and fighting

Dooku held his meeting with Hades and Clu. As they questioned why the meeting was so important, Dooku revealed it wasn't about the space ducks but before the meeting could continue, Riku busted in demanding where Sora was. As Dooku was angered by his insolence, Dooku dismissed the meeting, saying they woukd have to discuss this at a later time. As Hades and Clu departed, they stated that there would be no later time. Angered at how Riku had cost him, Dooku drew his lightsaber and clashed with Riku's keyblade. After manging, to singe Riku's face, the two continued to duel until Riku hit Dooku with a power blow, sending him sprawling and knocking his lightsaber away. As Riku moved in, Dooku blasted him with Force lightning, knocking him back and retrieved his lightsaber with the Force. He blasted Riku back more with Force lightning and clashed blades with him again. As Riku was beaten into submission, he realized he needed to take depserate measures to win. As he apologized to Sora and Kairi, Riku removed his blindfold, unleashing his inner darkness, taking the form of Ansem Seeker of Darkness. The two then resumed their battle, with Dooku in awe of Riku's power. As his Heartless minion attacked, Dooku fought it off. Riku then unleashed blasts of magic, thrashing Dooku around the room. Riku then departed with Dooku in awe.


As Vader returned to his master, Sidious expressed his disappointment in his failure. As punishment, Sidious used his power to pull a switcheroo by bringing Dooku to the live action realm and sending Vader to the CGI realm.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Sending a Message

Count Dooku in the Hand Drawn Universe

Count Dooku trains his top assassin, the cruel Asajj Ventress, and grants her use of twin lightsabers. He has her

assassinate Zygon, a task that Ventress achieves far too easily. Dooku then receives information fromDarth Sidious, who suggests their next course of action. When the animated universe proves unprofitable, Dooku travels with Sidious and General Grievous to the live-action universe.

Attack from the Goa'uld

Palpatine has Dooku set up a faction of Separatists to act contrary to his own alliance of space, in order to increase his own control of space. Dooku sets up a variety of bases, settling on one on the planet of Geonosis. One day, a squadron of Goa'uld warships, part of the alliance of space, invades. The Goa'uld decimate Dooku's battle droids. Dooku prepares to make his escape, but the Goa'uld commander, Anubis, arrives with a legion of guards to stop him. Dooku uses his Force Lightning to kill the guards, but Anubis deflects the attacks. Knowing he cannot defeat the Goa'uld, Dooku flees.

The Gauntlet

Knowing that he will need assistance to defeat the forces of Anubis, Count Dooku holds a tournament to determine some worthy Acolytes. Among those invited are Goldar, Astronema, Feyd Rautha, and a renegade Predator. During the battle, Dooku sends Jango Fett to stir up some chaos, only for the bounty hunter to defeat Goldar and get killed by the Predator. When Rautha and Astronema kill the Predator, Count Dooku decides to take them both on as acolytes, earning the backing of the two's sponsors: Lord Zedd and Baron Harkonnen.

Movies Villains War

Helping Palpatine

Back on Coruscant, Emperor Palpatine gathered his allies, including Count Dooku, General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Anakin, now known as 'Darth Vader'. Together, they planned for the uprising of the Sith.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Sending Jango Fett

Count Dooku send his famous bounty hunter Jango Fett to kill and destroy The Decepticon's leader, Megatron.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Hiring people

Megatron is sent by Skeletor to kill the Best bounty hunter, Jango Fett,who is also payed by Count Dooku to destroy Skeletor. It won't be to easy for Megatron to defeat the Hunter.Count Dooku announce Grievous that the day come for them to prove themselves to Palpatine. Grievous decide to deal with Lord Hater. Will Grievous be able to beat Lord Hater?

Villains War (Adrian C)

Empire Team

Empire form their Team.

Disney Vs TV Villains War