Count Decapitated ( Burokken hakushaku ,ブロツケン 伯爵? ) Also called Conde Broken; Count Brocken in English.

Count Brocken in TV Show

Depending on the version of reedidato Nagai manga duo - Count Headless Ota is a former German officer raised a semicyborg , which has its head ( only organic part ) separate trunk ( electromechanical ) can autonomously head levitate the body.15 The Decapitated Conde military fashion will dress pants horse riding breeches and high black boots , wide warrior tied at the waist with a belt hanging from his holster with a Luger and sable flap. The turquoise tunic is decorated with epaulettes and an iron cross on the chest, which preserved his body commendations to die in World War II before being revived. Broken used gloves and head always wears a hair disheveled , eyes with bushy eyelashes, decorating with a monocle , mustache and stiff fine elongated , thin and sharp fangs in his mouth and a thin goatee on his chin . Dr. Hell has granted the flying

Count Brocken in Anime

fortress ; Gool or Gore and an army called the Iron Cross , and numerous gross mecánicos.16 From the moment an intense rivalry between him and Baron Ashler occurs to see who of both defeat Mazinger Z to win the favor of Dr. Hell , however both aristocrats come to work together in various actions such as the theft of a large amount of Japanium . Ashler Unlike in the series fully appreciated that it is a cyborg with some organics . It is more ruthless in their attack tactics Mazinger and its allies.

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