Edward Blake, also known as the Comedian, is a character from DC Comics' acclaimed miniseries Watchmen and its film adaptation; his iconic yellow smiley-face button has become the most recognized symbol from the series. Beginning his crime-fighting career in the 1930s, Blake called himself the Comedian after his belief that life was nothing but a joke. While a member of the team known as the Minutemen, he raped his teammate Silk Spectre, and was kicked out of the team because of it. He fought in the Vietnam War alongside Dr. Manhattan, and joined the Minutemen's successor team the Watchmen after the war was won. Because of his violent, drunk, and crass demeanor, however, he was vehemently disliked by his teammates, especially the new Silk Spectre, the daughter of the woman he had raped.

Comedian will appear in Disney vs. Comics, where he will become the victim of a conspiracy targeting the Watchmen.

Disney Vs Comics War

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