Colonel William Tavington is the primary antagonist of the American Revolutionary War film, The Patriot. A very loosely based adaptation of actual British General Banastre Tarleton, Tavington is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Vs Lord Blackwood

While visiting a London prison, Tavington encounters Lord Blackwood, who claims he will escape in order to fulfill a certain plan. Blackwood gives Tavington coordinates, so that they might have a duel once he escapes. Meeting on a bridge, the two clash blades. Blackwood draws a gun and severely wounds Tavington, who collapses. But this is all a ruse, as Tavington cuts through a rope that plunges Blackwood to his doom. As Blackwood hangs on to dear life from some chains, Tavington cuts the chains' holding mechanism; Blackwood falls and hangs.

Vs The Headless Horseman

Professor Moriarty approaches Tavington with a task: eliminate the witch, Lady Van Tassle, on behalf of the Legion of Darkness. Tavington heads to Van Tassle's lair, only for her to teleport him into a battle with the Headless Horseman. Tavington rides his steed up to the Headless Horseman, but the horseman cuts down Tavington's mount from beneath him. Tavington readies his sword so to cut down the Horseman's steed, but the Headless Horseman leaps from his mount to face him on foot. The two warriors clash, with the Headless Horseman using his dual hatchets to disarm Tavington and hack off his left hand. The Horseman then leaves Tavington to die.

James Hook

Disgraced, Tavington joins the alliance of Saruman, Durza, and Queen Bavmorda. Replacing his hand is a silver hook, forcing him to adopt the identity of Captain Hook. The rest of his biography can be found here.

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