Clawbster had been terrorizing the city of Briarwood for a while, by turning people into stone statues. He and Necrolai then appeared just outside the forest. The Red, Green, Yellow and Pink Rangers went to fight the creature, but were no match. Both Clawbster and Necrolai escaped to the city. Once in the city, Clawbster began turning more people into stone, including Madison. The other Rangers showed up, but again, the monster and Necrolai retreated. When Clawbster returned to the city once more, the Green, Yellow and Pink Rangers went out to fight it. But they were again outmatched. The Red Ranger was able to show up on his Mystic Speeder, and by using the "Reflectus - Torgo" spell, he managed to reflect Clawbster's Stone Spell back at him. Once the monster himself was turned to stone, the Red Ranger used his Phoenix Power to destroy the creature, thus returning everyone to normal.Koragg then revived and enlarged Clawbster. The Rangers morphed into their Mystic Titan Forms, and then formed the Titan Megazord. Together, the Rangers used the Titan Megazord's Mystic Spell Shield Attack to destroy Clawbster completely.

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