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Claw is the main villain of the anime Kimba the White Lion. The one-eyed lion seeks to take over and remove Kimba from the picture.With his adviser Cassius and Henchmen Tom and Tab. this lion Scar has been hard to come back and be bigger rival. 

Non Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Fight with Kraven

Bubu goes hunting, and spots a hunter named Kraven who is hunting zebras. Angry at Kraven for chasing the prey that he wanted, Bubu pounces at the hunter, but gets thrown to the ground. He gets up and knocks Kraven down. He prepares to finish the job, but Kraven gets up, picks up the lion and throws him to the floor. Bubu flees before Kraven can kill him, but not before swearing revenge.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Forging an Alliance

Sometime before the war, Bubu created an alliance of villainous animals. These animals include venomous snakes, a ferocious bear and a dim-witted elephant seal. He also forced his henchmen Cassius and Tom & Tab to help him keep control of this army.

Meeting Drake

After plummeting off a cliff and getting knocked out, the buff penguin called Drake is discovered byThe Prince. The seal leads the penguin to Bubu and the lion recruits Drake.

Fighting Mowgli

Bubu is hunting buffo. However, Mowgli the man cub doesn’t want him to kill the animals and drops a melon on his head before kicking him. Bubu recovers and pounces at Mowgli. Luckily for the man cub, Bagheera the panther slashes Bubu and wounds him. The panther and the man cub leave, as Bubu swears revenge.

Teaming up with Shere Khan

After the Grizzly Bear died when attacking Littlefoot and one of his snake minions was killed by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Bubu decides that he needs more allies. He finds Shere Khan the tiger and they decide to combine their alliances.

Soyuzmultfilm Villains Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Vs Lion

The evil lion king sat quietly on a stone, not pretending that strangers had come to his domain who wanted to take the lion's land for themselves...