Choobo is the lieutenant of Lothor's army. He wielded a staff. He can summon energy spheres to trap his enemies.
Sometimes, he uses monsters based off animals. In "Snip it, Snip It Good" Choobo showed signs of having a crush on Tori Hanson when he addressed that she "sure is pretty". He was promoted to general when he captured the Thunder Rangers and manipulated them to oppose the Wind Rangers again. However, he failed to destroy the Rangers and they realized they were being manipulated, so Choobo was banished from Lothor's ship. He swore revenge, and stole the Scroll of Empowerment, which gave him great strength and powers. He was defeated by the Thunderstorm Megazord, but saved by Lothor and shrunk down to be Marah's new pet. Lothor later restored him to normal accidentally.
Choobo Power Rangers Super Legends

Choobo in the video game Power Rangers Super Legends

 During the final battle between the Ninja Storm Rangers and Lothor's forces, Choobo was defeated by Shane as the Red Battlized Ranger, although it wasn't quite clear if he was completely destroyed (he was only seen falling down after being blasted by the Battilizer's lasers). 

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