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Chief Tannabok's Warriors are the soldiers of the great chieftain of El Dorado, Chief Tannabok, and also hit players in the mesoamerican ball game, a famous sport in El Dorado. While being at the side of Tannabok, the wicked shaman Tzekel Kan, usually uses them to his own benefits. The warriors make a brief appearance in Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two


It is unknown why Chief Tannabok didn't appear in the first war, despite that his warriors appear in. It is possibly that the Chief has perished prior to the events of the first war. Despite that they didn't appear in most of the fights of the first war, the Warriors are introduced in the final battles of the second part of the war.

The Battle of the Underworld

The Warrios fall under the control of Tzekel Kan, during the events of the second part of the war. Later, Eris, Tzekel Kan's master, launches a full invasion at the Underworld, to attack Hades. Tzekel Kan is confronted by Lady Waltham, a noble woman with intentions of killing the shaman for losing her brother, Clayton, to him. However, Kan summons the Warriors to take care of his enemies. Waltham takes it easily and orders Echidna and Ladon, two of Hades' allies, to deal with the Warriors. While Echidna distracts several native soldiers, the rest of them shoot arrows at Ladon, only for the monster to eat them without feeling pain. Soon enough, the two monsters succeed, as they frighten off the natives. Their whereabouts after the battle are unknown, but possibly were relieved, after their master's fall at the hands of Waltham.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Short-Time Fight

Tzekel Kan summons the soldiers of Tannabok to his aid against the heroes. Seeing that Lady Kluck is charging right into them, the soldiers attempt to do the same move, as they charge towards Lady Kluck. The attempts fails, as Kluck slides from them and even more knocks out a buff soldier of Kan, leaving her victorious. The fates of the warriors, after the battle, remain unknown.