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Chief is an old adventured dog and the sidekick to the hunterAmos Slade. He is one of the secondary villains in the disney movie The Fox and the Hound and in it's sequel. The reason why he is a villain is because he always hates the main protagonist, the fox Tod, just like his master, as the fox many times troubled them, and he has the desire to kill him when he gets the chance. He had a minor role in the major tournaments, usually being with his master, Amos Slade.

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Interestingly, Chief does not make an appearance in this war, instead he was replaced by his second in command companion, Copper, in the second part of the tournament, dealing with the shaman, Tzekel Khan.

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Attacking A Giant Bear

Wanting to improve his show business in Pleasure Islandthe Coachman offered the hunter a great fee if he succeed to kill the knowing giant bear Lumpjaw, who terrorised the kids in , leaving the Coachman without money as he doesn't have enough children to pay for his amusement park. Amos Slade agrees to the contract and so he took his beloved hunting dog and run to confront the beast. At their arrival, Amos sent his dog to deal with the muscle bear. Unfortunately for Chief, he was beaten up by the bear's strenght and was sent from a cliff to his falling death.

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