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The Cheshire Cat is a neutral character in the Lewis Carroll book Alice in Wonderland, later made into an animated movie by Disney. A mysterious and mischievious pink cat who has the ability to appear and disappear at will, the Cheshire Cat seems to help either the heroes or the villains, depending on his current mood. The Cheshire Cat's trickery and manipulation has made trouble for hero and villain alike in Disney Heroes vs. Villains War and in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Lumpjaw

As the Cheshire Cat laughed at the situation playing out before him, Lumpjaw turned his attention to the mischievous spirit. The Cat disappeared, but Lumpjaw could still see his footprints on the ground. Lunging for the Cat, Lumpjaw caught nothing but air, the victim of another trick. Reappearing back in a tree, the Cat continued to distract Lumpjaw while Peter and his friends ran for cover, not knowing they were heading in towards the circus as Foulfellow and Gideon had intended.

Helping the heroes

On their way back to the 100 Acre Wood, Pooh and his friends stumbled across some of the children escaping from the Coachman's circus, including Peter, Brer Rabbit, and Bongo, being led into the forests by the Cheshire Cat. Curious, the 100 Acre Wood group decided to investigate. Little did they know that something else had followed them from the circus.

Playing with Bambi

After Gaston's death, Bambi fled through the jungle as the Great Prince of the Forest searched for him. Suddenly, the Cheshire Cat returned, causing Bambi to fall into a pit. As the Cat disappeared again, the Great Prince found his son, and was shocked at what he found.

Reunion with heroes

Though the heroes were victorious, they had only won at great cost. Before its destruction, the Firebird had burned a large portion of the jungle to ashes. As Bambi reunited with his friends, the Cheshire Cat appeared again, claiming credit for inspiring Bambi to defeat Gaston. However, the heroes were not too happy to see the Cat after all his mischief. The Cat, not caring in the slightest about what the heroes thought, disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived.

Heroes Vs Villains War