Cheshire is a major antagonist in the Teen Titans universe. A deadly inter-national terrorist, Cheshire is an infamous warrior, as well as expert on toxic poisons. She is regarded as one of the most ruthless and greatest assassins, in fiction. She is also a minor player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Cheshire, along with fellow partner, Sportsmaster, is hired by Ra's Al Ghul, as his personal bodyguard. Soon enough, he gets attacked by a platoon of Foot Clan's Ninja warriors, directed by Karai, forcing Cheshire to attack the intruder, along with the help of her partner. With their combined effort, they easily defeat the Ninjas, leaving only Karai on the battlefield. When Karai attempts to impale Sportmaster with her katana sword, he parries the blow, by catching her sword on mid-air, before disarming her. Cheshire then clashes swords and knives with Karai, distracting long enough for Sportmaster to reveal his trump card, by throwing an armored disc behind Cheshire and Karai, with the assassin easily dodging the incoming shot, and hitting Karai instead, knocking her out. She then makes her escape, along with her partner.

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