One of the three Angel Digimon chosen to govern the Digital World, Cherubimon was given the Spirits of Darkness, Steel, Water, Wood, and Earth. He was responsible for chronicling all events in the Digital World, until he began asking for Seraphimon to change some of the laws for Beast-type Digimon. But Cherubimon eventually starts thinking neither Seraphimon or Ophanimon care what he thinks, more so when he spied them talking behind his back (though he misunderstood what they were talking about). Cherubimon's hatred soon consumed him, opening his heart to darkness. Transformed into a evil parody of himself, Cherubimon rallied others who shared his beliefs, and then declared war. He managed to defeat Seraphimon easily and imprisoned Ophanimon in his Castle of Darkness at Rose Venus Terminal. He also gave four of Spirits to his elite forces, while giving the Spirit of Darkness to Koichi (whom he brain washed). But once his Evil Warriors were defeated, he took on the kids himself. But even using all the data he collected to make himself invincible, he was finally defeated by Takuya as EmperorGreymon, and purged of all his malice. But it turns out his transformation was invoked by Lucemon, who used Cherubimon to gather data for him.... Apparently, Cherubimon was reborn as Lopmon in the fourth season.

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