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Chel is the tertiary protagonist in the Dreamwork's animated film The Road to El Dorado. A citizen of El Dorado, Chel is a beautiful, charming, and talented girl, whom Tulio fell in love with as they spent their time on the Golden City. She once assisted Tulio and Miguel in saving the city from the corrupt high priest Tzekel Kan, and the Spanish conquistador Cortez, before she would gain her own adventure to the unknown along with the two conmen.

She also appears as one of the targets of Frollo and his allies during the events of Heroes vs. Villains. In order to avoid persecution from those who threaten her, Chel joins forces with Aladdin and his friends, finding shelter and consolation under their wing. Eventually, she befriends Miguel and Tulio, and assists them in their battles against the villains.

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