Charon (Demon)

Charon is the boatman on Hell's River Styx, not to be confused with the one that flows through Hades' Underworld, who ferries the souls of the damned into Chernabog's infernal realm. He is depicted as shown in Dante Alighieri's Commedia.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Charon is Frollo's final obstacle between him and escaping Hell. As Frollo approaches the shores of the Acheron, Charon is approaching the shore with a new set of damned souls on his back. Frollo boards Charon, who, angry at a damned soul attempting to escape, summons winged demons with scythes to tear Frollo apart. Frollo instead kills the demons attacking him with his sword and promptly drives the blade into Charon's head. Charon, unable to control where he is going as a result of the pain, collides into the opposite shore, sending damned souls sprawling. His crash causes spikes of earth to pierce into him, killing him. Frollo, after taking one last look at the souls of the damned in the river, then makes his escape through the gates of Hell into the land of the living.

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