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Charlie B. Barkin

Bad Dog Gone Good

Charlie Barkin is a heroic former stray dog who first appeared in the classic Non-Disney film All Dogs go to Heaven. Along with many other animal heroes, he opposes the plots of the villains in Heroes vs. Villains and Non Disney Heroes vs Villains

Heroes Vs Villains War

Escape from Captivity

While confined in Madam Medusa's dogpound alongside Itchy, Charlie makes his escape through dugging a tunnel, though it catches the attention of Medusa. Despite her efforts, Charlie and Itchy escape into the wilderness.

Member of the Dogs and Cats

Later on, Charlie and Itchy join Francis and Thomas O'Malley gathering of Dogs and Cats, wishing to strike back at the Animal Cruelty Squad, which he blames for his previous imprisonment.

The Fights against the A.C.S.

Shortly thereafter, Charlie partakes in the fight against the A.C.S.'s members in freeing the imprisoned animal heroes, tossing Jasper Badun away when he threatened Itchy. Unfortunately, he is left opened for Cruella's attack, who strike him down with ease. While some of the Dogs and Cats escape, Charlie and Itchy remain behind as new prisoners.

However, they are not left to spend their time in captivity, as the Dogs and Cats find reinforcements in Basil's League of Gentlemice, inflitrating the A.C.S.'s headquarters to release the Dogs and Cats. As soon as the captors are released, a brawl once again breaks in, with Charlie tossing a massive blanket atop Sykes' dogs Roscoe and Desoto, putting them out of commision. Upon defeating the small crooks, the Dogs and Cats make their escape, only to be followed by the remain A.C.S.'s members. When Jasper and Horace make their move, Charlie and Tom bash them aside. Fortunately for them, the vagrant Fagin arrives and provides a means to escape.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

A Fiasco at Mammoth Studios

At Mammoth Studios, while Darla Dimple performs one of her songs for “Little Ark Angel”. Charlie and his partner in crime Itchy sabotage it by putting on their own giddier show. When Darla hears this, she is upset and infuriated by it, she then yells out for her giant butler Max to eliminate the intruding dogs.