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Charles F. Muntz's Dogs are the canine companions of the old adventurer, Charles F. Muntz, which can speak and communicate through their recording collars, able to understand the thoughts of each dog's perspective, by the audience. They appear as former antagonists in the Pixar's animated feature film, Up, and minor players in the villains tournaments.

Disney Villains War 2

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Against Master Hand Forces

anondorf and Bowser exited subspace with a powerful airship. Then they spotted Charles Muntz' blimp, Vector's airship and the Cyclonians. Instead of wasting firepower on them, Ganondorf signalled Kuja's silver dragons to attack Maleficent's airforce. The dragons were destroyed, so Ganondorf was forced to uses his ship's heavy arsenal of lasers. Many of the Cyclonians and Muntz's canine air force were hit by the lasers.