Chaos is the primary antagonist of the video game, Final Fantasy. A powerful demonic entity, he was later adapted into the primary antagonist of the Dissidia: Final Fantasy fighting game franchise. A being of immense power, he is a major player in the Animated v. Video Game Villains War and the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Heaven or Hell?

Despite calling together his warriors to respect him, Chaos finds some difficulty subduing the manic killer, Kefka. The clown, constantly praising his defeat of Diablo, gets on Chaos's nerves. Thus, Chaos decides to destroy another powerful demon lord, Yami, in order to show up his insubordinate enemy. Yami, however, is harder to kill than Chaos expects. The machine-like demon avoids all of his attacks. For his part, though, Chaos absorbs Yami's fireballs. Yami thinks he gains the upper hand when he whips Chaos aside and blasts him with a ray gun, but Chaos powers up his greatest attack and blasts through Yami's defenses. Even so, Yami survives. The demon reveals his true form and destroys Chaos with a mighty blast of magic.

Back for Blood

But Chaos does not die, instead reforming into the even more lethal Feral Chaos. Feral Chaos faces a challenge from another demon lord, Dormin, who sends out eight massive Colossi. Fortunately, Feral Chaos's warriors, Kuja, Ultimecia, and Emperor Mateus, destroy the beings before they can cause any damage.

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