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Chameleon is a shapeshifter Saurian and one of Dragaunus' henchmen. He is a secondary villain in the television series, The Mighty Ducks, and a secondary player in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Against the Triceratons

Chameleon makes his first fight, against the Triceratons. While Chameleon appears as their first shooting target, almost killing him, Chamelon retaliates and uses his weapons, to annihilate his enemies, though the Triceratons manage to destroy his weapons, first. When the Triceratons destroy a major part of their lair, the Saurians are forced to retreat.

Another Threat

After they rebuilt the former destroyed base, the Saurians get an ambush by a strange mutant species, with Flogg being the leader of the mutant species. Though Chameleon appears, alongside with Seige and Wraith, as one of the top lieutenants on frontal line, against the mutants, he is not seen fighting in the battle after all. After the adviser of Flogg, Skeletor, destroy once more the entire base, by flooding it with lava, filled from a cargo, the Saurians, including Chameleon, are forced to escape again from their lair.

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