Ceylan Jones is one of the main protagonists of anime tv series of Tenkai Knights. A joking but courageous boy that's secretly one of the chosen heroes of planet Quatron. He appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever

Stalked By A Scientist

At a museum Ceylan, alongside his friend Guren Nash were looking at brick on display when it started to glow, making the tenkai blocks they had in their pockets react with it. This odd event was witnessed by a certain Dr. Paradigm, who had been intrigued by the block for a long time. Paradigm decides to capture the two boys, starting on Ceylan.

As Ceylan heads back home that night, he runs into Paradigm, however Ceylan gets away from him and locks his house. Next day, Ceylan has dressed himself on defensive gear when two of Paradigm's mutants, Slobster and Slash, start pursuing after him. Both monsters track him on the dead end, with Slobster only getting his helmet out. Suddenly, Mako Mankanshoku tackles both of the monsters.

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