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The Cat Prosecutor is a minor character from the Mickey Mouse old classic shorts, appearing only in the episode, Pluto's Judgement Day, where Pluto is the main protagonist. In spite of his limited screen time appearance, as well as being a character in a neutral zone, the Cat Prosecutor still makes several appearances in the villains wars context, assisting the forces of evil in their battles against their rivals.

Disney Villains War 2

The Evil Queen's Illusions

In this tournament, Doctor Facilier showed to the Evil Queen and her allies his true power by bringing the Friends on the Other Side, who drove her crazy by creating illusions over her mind. When the Evil Queen confronted her ally, Prince John , she mistakely mistook him as an evil cat dressed in red robes, most likely the Cat Prosecutor's appearance, but in reality, it was one of the Evil Queen's illusions who turned her insane after she had understimate the doctor's power. During this event the Cat Prosecutor, along with the Friends, sang a musical number for the Queen, teaching her a lesson about not betraying the witch doctor again. It is unkown if he will ever appear again.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

The Battle of Bald Mountain

The Cat Prosecutor is introduced in the final events of the war, summoned by Maleficent, as one of the last reinforcements of evil. During the Battle on Bald Mountain, the Cat shows up to the Disney Dogs and Cats, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice and many other animal heroes. He manages to threaten Terk, Tito, Pluto, Lady, Duchess, her kittens, one of the Hundred Dalmatian puppies, Oliver and Mickey Mouse and also knocks off Basil, leaving him unconsious for the time being. Just as he notices that the heroes are winning, the Cat makes a final stand to stop their actions. Despite his efforts, Basil, who recovers quickly, traps the Cat's cloth into a rock, leaving the Cat unable to move. Merlin then uses his magic to obliterate the Cat from the existence.

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