Caractacus P. Doom is the main antagonist in the 1993 British animated TV series Avenger Penguins. He is an insane and reclusive criminal scientist who devises different plans to take over Big City (the show's setting), and eventually, the world, only to be always foiled by the eponymous biker penguins of the title. He is patterned on an elderly Orson Welles and his bumbling assistant, Harry Slime, is always love-sick much to his chagrin. He appears in Worst Hero And Villain War Ever as the leader of UniCri Inc.

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Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Caractacus P. Doom's origins are a mystery. It is only known that he was born in Clappers Wreake, the town that took the "Great" out of The Great Britain. With the history of the town of being a crime and corruption-infested hellhole, it is not a wonder that Doom would soon find his way into the life of crime, and it also would explain his hatred of every person that isn't him. He saw rest of the human race as inferior, meant to be ruled over.

Caractacus P. Doom took residence in Big City, and supposedly spent several years to build his Doom Tower, alongside his minion Harry Slime. Once the tower was complete, it was launched to surface and became the eerie landmark of the town. Doom is very charismatic which is why he was able to convince several independent criminals to work for him. He was however not able to convince an alliance with Overlord's Vicious Circle. Overlord didn't see Doom as really a criminal but rather an overly ambitious egomaniac with a gloating problem. Since then Doom has carried great hatred for Overlord and especially GEZZAN, but what he hates even more than that are those accursed Avenger Penguins, who have foiled his plan time and time again. Doom decided to call several acquitances he had worked with, and start his involvement in the war.

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