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Captain Phoebus de Chateaupers was once a highly decorated French soldier and the captain of Judge Claude Frollo's elite guard. However, as time went on, he grew tired of Frollo's fanaticism and dishonorable methods, leaving his service and joining those who sought to overthrow his stranglehold on Paris. He fights against Frollo and his allies in Disney Heroes vs. Villains.

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Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Prisoner for Frollo

In the Palace of Justice, Frollo made his morning rounds checking to make sure that none of his new prisoners (including his traitorous former captain, Captain Phoebus, the puppet boy Pinocchio, the young English girl Alice, and Jane Porter's father Professor Archimedes) had escaped during the night.


As Hook's pirates and the Queen's cards tried to stop the prison break, Tinker Bell tackled the Queen, knocking her to the floor. With the attack a complete success, Peter escorted the prisoners to safety, with Frollo's forces in hot pursuit.

Vs Shan Yu

Escaping from his cell, Captain Phoebus joined the other prisoners outside as Frollo arrived on the scene. Leaping atop a prison wagon, Phoebus addressed his fellow prisoners, calling on them to stand up for their friends and loved ones and strike a blow that Frollo would never forget. Seeing the effect Phoebus' speech was having on the revolt's morale, Shan Yu leapt down from the Palace's roof to cut off the head of the resistance. Phoebus managed to beat Shan Yu with his fists, knocking him to the ground, but Shan Yu recovered and seized his sword. Shan Yu struck Phoebus and knocked him from a bridge into the river. Unseen by Shan Yu or the resistance, Esmeralda carried Phoebus to safety.

New leader

Not far off, at Robin's secret hideout deep in the French forests, the liberated prisoners mused over what to do after Robin's capture when Esmeralda brought Phoebus to them. Remembering Phoebus' courage and his inspiring words to them during the escape, the group unanimously elected Phoebus as their leader.

Teaming with Aladdin and Hercules

Returning to Thebes, Aladdin presented Hercules with the French resistance movement led by Phoebus, giving Hercules hope that they would soon be able to strike back against Maleficent. However, the group was unaware that Lawrence, still disguised as Naveen, had successfully infiltrated their ranks...

Leadership skills

In recognition of Phoebus' leadership while he was indisposed, Robin promised to work together with him to lead the resistance against Frollo and Prince John.

Vs Grimhilde and Horned King Forces

As the heroes came up the road, the Cauldron Born ambushed them, leaping out of a river and immediately butchering Ichabod Crane as the others watched in shock and horror. They didn't have long to mourn, as the King and Grimhilde's other soldiers emerged from the castle to reinforce the Cauldron Born. The heroes were left with no choice but to fight back, as Phoebus battled the King's barbarians and Taran engaged Shan Yu.

As the army of Cauldron Born bore down on the heroes, things were looking more and more bleak. Morgana and Lady Tremaine cornered Esmeralda, but before they could kill her, Phoebus cut a rope which released a plank, knocking Morgana into the river. As the heroes started to retreat, Ratigan slashed Phoebus in the back, knocking him out. With their leader and last hope bloodied and beaten, the heroes broke into an open retreat. The King let them go, confident that he could see off another assault with his new army.

Battle of Grimhilde's Castle

Back in Castle Grimhilde, the villains prepared themselves for their final stand as the heroes and Frollo breached the keep. Meanwhile, Phoebus once again crossed swords with Shan Yu, but managed to come out on top, disarming the Hun and holding him at bay with his own sword.Shan Yu made to attack again, but Esmeralda knocked him back and Phoebus pinned him to the ground with his sword. Sykes saw too late that Shan Yu was in his path, running him down and crashing through the castle walls off the cliff, killing both villains .As the castle threatened to collapse, the heroes made to escape, but the Horned King would not be beaten so easily.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Vs Abis Mal

Reinstated as captain of the guard after Frollo's death, Phoebus was kept busy keeping the streets of Paris safe as the city recovered from the first war. His job was further complicated as Abis Mal and his bandits arrived to loot the city. Spotting Mal, Phoebus sent his men to apprehend the thieves. As the two groups fought, Abis Mal came at Phoebus with a fish, but Phoebus pulled scaffolding down on Abis Mal. As the other thieves came at Phoebus, Esmeralda arrived on the scene and threw a stone at some empty barrels, knocking them onto the bandits. She then picked up a large candlestick and beat the thieves into submission with it. Phoebus then punched Abis Mal to the ground when he tried to attack again. Djali then headbutted Abis Mal, knocking him into the other thieves. As the guards prepared to apprehend the thieves, Abis Mal and his gang retreated, with the guards in hot pursuit.

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