To give Hook entry into the Non Disney Villains Tournament, his incarnation in the 2003 Peter Pan film is used.

Note: the incarnations of Captain Hook used in this tournament are not produced by Disney, allowing for their existence in the tournament.

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Captain Hook as he appears in the Live Action Universe.

Wizards and Warriors

Formerly Colonel William Tavington, Hook joins forces with Saruman after losing his hand to the Headless Horseman.

Captain Hook, Vampire Hunter

The two learn of the activities of the Legion of Darkness and decide to put a stop to them. The two invade one of the Legion's bases, each exploring one part of the castle. Hook ends up encountering Viktor, a vampire swordsman. The two lock blades, with Viktor disarming Hook. But Hook's hook enables him to block Viktor's blade, allowing for just enough time for Hook to shoot his opponent down a pit. Hook tries to shoot Viktor again, as the vampire holds on to chains to gain support. Inspired by Viktor's survival tactic, Hook wraps another chain around Viktor, tying the vampire down. Hook then plunges his sword through Viktor's mouth, nearly killing the demon.

Old Friends

Hook encounters a man whose life he once saved while known as Tavington: Mordred. The two join forces, tracking down the leaders of the Legion of Darkness, Professor Moriarty and Count Dracula. Hook heads after Moriarty, delivering a swift headbutt to the crime lord. Moriarty anticipates and punches Hook straight in the head. Mordred steps in, crushing Moriarty under some rubble. Right when Hook is ready to deliver the fatal blow, Dracula steps in and hypnotizes him, inducing him to shoot and kill Mordred. When Dracula flees, Hook grabs some fairy dust and gives chase.

A Little Bit Older

While chasing Dracula down, Captain Hook discovers Queen Bavmorda. The witch changes ages with Hook, turning him into a much older man. To see his rest bio, see here.

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