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This Captain Hook is the main antagonist of Fox Kid's television series Peter Pan and the Pirates. He made his first appearance of Cartoon Villains War.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Bloth

Toffee hires the ruthless pirate Bloth to replace Ludo as the leader of his monsters. However, Bloth's leadership of his new crew does not go unchallenged, as Bloth’s first mate, James Hook, instigates a mutiny against him...

Vs Don Karnage

Having broken away from Bloth's crew, Captain Hook is seeking new ways to finance his criminal endeavors. Hearing of an island that holds a vast treasure, Hook sets out in search of it. However, when he finally finds it, he discovers that he is not the only pirate seeking the treasure, as Don Karnage also arrives to claim it, but the chaos of their battle, combined with a nearby keg of gunpowder, may have rather...explosive results. Will either of them be able to claim the treasure?

Demons of The Sea

Miles away from shore, the Battle of Wierdmageddon still rages on! The Captain notices a strange, nay, supernatural storm that turns the entire ocean into a maelstrom, with his ship caught in it. Vulture-esque demons are summoned to prey on the souls of his horrified crew, but Hook ain't afraid of no ghost, and takes down the small wake. They were mere guppies when compared to the Serpent however, which survives a blast from the ships strongest cannon, and attempts to destroy whatever remains of the vessel, including Hook himself, yet when the battle ends, he still stands.

Villains Battles 2

Animated vs CGI Villains War