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To give Hook entry into the Non Disney Villains Tournament, his incarnation in the 2003 Peter Pan film is used.

Note: the incarnations of Captain Hook used in this tournament are not produced by Disney, allowing for their existence in the tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Wizards and Warriors

Formerly Colonel William Tavington, Hook joins forces with Saruman after losing his hand to the Headless Horseman.

Captain Hook, Vampire Hunter

The two learn of the activities of the Legion of Darkness and decide to put a stop to them. The two invade one of the Legion's bases, each exploring one part of the castle. Hook ends up encountering Viktor, a vampire swordsman. The two lock blades, with Viktor disarming Hook. But Hook's hook enables him to block Viktor's blade, allowing for just enough time for Hook to shoot his opponent down a pit. Hook tries to shoot Viktor again, as the vampire holds on to chains to gain support. Inspired by Viktor's survival tactic, Hook wraps another chain around Viktor, tying the vampire down. Hook then plunges his sword through Viktor's mouth, nearly killing the demon.

Old Friends

Hook encounters a man whose life he once saved while known as Tavington: Mordred. The two join forces, tracking down the leaders of the Legion of Darkness, Professor Moriarty and Count Dracula. Hook heads after Moriarty, delivering a swift headbutt to the crime lord. Moriarty anticipates and punches Hook straight in the head. Mordred steps in, crushing Moriarty under some rubble. Right when Hook is ready to deliver the fatal blow, Dracula steps in and hypnotizes him, inducing him to shoot and kill Mordred. When Dracula flees, Hook grabs some fairy dust and gives chase.

A Little Bit Older

While chasing Dracula down, Captain Hook discovers Queen Bavmorda. The witch changes ages with Hook, turning him into a much older man. To see his rest bio, see here.

Movies Villains War

Vs Judge Doom

On his ship, the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook was informed by his first mate Mister Smee that his old enemy, Judge Doom, was building up a new criminal empire, and had even claimed to be more powerful than Hook. Angered, Hook set out to put an end to his rival for good. As Hook confronted the Judge at his headquarters, Doom offered the pirate the opportunity to join him, but Hook had no interest in Doom's offer. The two drew their swords and fought, with Hook eventually tricking Doom into the path of a steamroller, which promptly flattened the Judge. However, Doom managed to survive, revealing his true nature as a 'toon', terrifying the Captain. Doom first transformed his hand into an anvil and knocked Hook to the ground, before transforming his hand into a Buzzsaw. Hook only barely managed to dodge this attack. The Captain then got the idea to use Doom's own weapons against him. He had his pirates fire a cannon into Doom's machinery, causing the Judge to be sprayed with a lethal toxin that could kill toons. As Judge Doom melted away into nothingness, Hook looked on in satisfaction.

Teaming with an old friend

On the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook was approached by his old friend, William Cutting aka Bill the Butcher, who proposed that they join forces in hopes of dominating the criminal underworld.

In a new gang

Hook then arrives, having been invited as a new member of the criminal underground.But then, another 'boss' arrives; the Joker. Bill orders one of his men to stop him, but he is killed. The Joker is revealed to be in charge of the meeting along with Oren (perhaps hinting at a relationship?), and he proceeds to address the issues at hand.

Killing Oren

After the meeting, Hook and Bill discuss their plan to change the status quo: kill Oren.Oren calls in her personal Yakuza guard: The Crazy 88. Lead by Johnny Moe, the Crazy 88 take on Bill's gang and Hook's pirates in a horrific rampage. After a long and firece fight, Hook manages to chop off Johnny's legs. He then goes to finally face Oren face to face.Out back, in a snow covered garden, Hook finds Oren waiting for him. They decide to cross their swords once and for all.

The final showdown begins! The one handed captain of the Jolly Roger, Captain Hooks versus the infamous Yakuza leader and member of the Killer Vipers, the Cottonmouth. Hook eventually succeeds in injuring Oren in the leg and both fighters know that this fight is about to end. Hook scalps Oren alive, and she falls over dead.

Celebrating his victory

Back in the house, the Natives have defeated the Yakuzas, and celebrate Hook having defeated the most dangerous members of the Deadly Vipers. Bill bows to his old friend, who is now one of the most powerful men in all of America.

After having defeated Oren Ishii, Bill the Butcher and Captain Hook decide to celebrate and have a huge orgy party, inviting all sorts of influential people they know, both friends or enemies: Landa, the Devil's Reject, Calvin Candie, Tyler Durden, Batemane, Xerxès etc. Some people start fighting, while others partake in the pleasures of prostitutes and drink. It is really something symbolical and a way for these villains to relax.