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Captain James Hook is a major player in all three wars. A ruthless pirate captain, he has an interesting evolution in the original Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war, turning from a bumbling coward into a bloodthirsty warrior.

He was the main villain of the Disney animated film Peter Pan. The versions appearing in the live-action 2003 Peter Pan film and in the 1991 live-action film Hook also appear in the first series.


Disney vs Non Disney Villains War

Joining with Frollo and fighting Blackwolf

In the first war, Clayton recommends Hook's services to a dominant faction leader, Frollo. Frollo takes the pirate on.

His first fight occurs in coordination with another of Frollo's lieutenants, Rourke. The two team up to take care of a sorcerer named Blackwolf. While Rourke takes care of Blackwolf's army. Hook sneaks behind the Sorcerer and shoots him twice. Blackwolf does not survive.

Hook as he appears in the CG realm.

Vs King Haggard

Hook later attends the wedding of Frollo and "Vanessa" on his pirate ship. Hook is uncomfortable about the proceedings, only to have his fears confirmed when "Vannesa" turns out to be Ursula and escapes. Later, he defeats King Haggard by knocking him into the water. He also attends the final meeting of Frollo's forces.

Vs Eris and Holli Would

Whilst most of Team Frollo battles in Paris and Egypt, Hook battles on the sea. For Eris, goddess of Chaos, summons the Kraken to attack Hook's ship. The attack causes most of the crew to panic, but Hook calmly sends the mast down onto the beast, crushing it.

Captain Hook as he appears in the Live Action Universe.

Sneaking into Mok's headquarters, Hook leaps into a portal to the live action universe, following Holli Would. After firing a shot into electric cables that suck Holli into a unknown place, Hook realizes he is trapped in the live action universe.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Facing the Kurgan

Inter-dimensional travel is bound to have side effects. For Hook, the shift in dimensions causes rapid aging. Hook thus determines himself to prolong his lifespan by defeating the deadly Kurgan. Hook sics his pirate crew on the immortal warrior, but he defeats them handily. Hook jumps into the fray, but the Kurgan disarms him. As Hook reaches for his rapier, the Kurgan blocks his arm with his sword. But the Kurgan forgets Hook's eponymous hook, for Hook slashes his enemy's wrist with it. The Kurgan and Hook both recover and prepare to take up arms again. But Jadis arrives, kills the Kurgan, and teleports Hook and his crew back to the animated universe.

Captain Hook as he later appears in the live-action universe

Facing His Fears

Hook is delighted with this recent turn of events. No sooner does he arrive, though, when the unexpected arrival of Sarousch startles him. Hook initially holds nothing but contempt for the magician and his men, but Saroush reveals his goal: hiring Hook for the navy of King Ratcliffe. Hook considers the offer. Just then, Professor Screweyes emerges, intent on driving Hook and Sarousch insane. Mok, Screweyes's employer, has not forgotten Hook's role in the demon's fall during the previous war. Using his fear machine, Screweyes conjures an image of the crocodile who ate Hook's hand. But Hook has gotten beyond his fear. The same cannot be said of Sarousch; the magician trembles in fear upon seeing the clown that scarred his childhood. Hook, brandishing his rapier, approaches Screweyes, but the Professor escapes on his zeppelin. Hook then formally joins Ratcliffe's forces, while Sarousch recovers.

The Battle of England

Captain Hook helps defend Ratcliffe's regime against the attacking armies of Admiral Zhao. When Zhao comes to assassinate Ratcliffe, Hook knocks him down with a flurry of attacks. However, it takes but one skillfully placed karate chop to fell the captain. Unfortunately for Hook, Amon arrives, defeats Admiral Zhao, and takes control of England. With Hook put to the sword, the captain begs for his life. Amon, realizing Hook could become a martyr, instead banishes the captain and Ratcliffe.

An Old Alliance Returns

Gaston, returned from the dead due to the intervention of Hades, sets up a pub towards the end of the war. While Ratcliffe drinks his sorrows away, Hook tinkers away at the piano. Just then, Frollo returns, having escaped from the Hell. Hook and Ratcliffe are both ready to serve their old commander once again.

Captain Hook's third form in the Live-Action Universe as Killian Jones

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains - Part Three

"This page revolves about Captain Hook's life in the Animated Universe. To see his Live-Action counterpart's version, see here"

Disney Villains War

Disney Villains War Backstory

Hook was born under the name James Killian Jones from the relation of the gypsy witch Tia Dalma and the pirate captain Davy Jones. When Davy lost his heart and was enslaved by Cora, Tia encountered an old foe she had been having trouble with for over three hundred years. As she was chased by this Dark One, she tapped into her god-like powers and sent her son away to safety.

Hook was then adopted into the wealthy Ratcliffe familly as they found him and decided to care for him. The Ratcliffes were a seafaring people that always enjoyed the bounties of the sea, whether they got these honestly or in dishonest ways. As the father of the family already had a son, he thought to pass his secrets on to both of them, and hoped that this would make the Ratcliffe family the most prospering family in all of England. The true born son, however, had little love for his adopted brother and always made it clear that he was not wanted. As they went to the most expensive schools of England, he never wanted to be seen with him, he refused to sit next to him, and never had a good word out for his brother. Seeing himself as the only heir to the Ratcliffe fortune and the only one who was well enough raised, he plotted to get rid of both his father and his adopted brother in one swift stroke. 

On one fateful day, Prince John, the regent lord of England, had ordered a massive fleet to lay waste to the French fleet that had kept their ships locked in their harbors. James immediately rushed to prove himself to his adoptive father to show his seafaring skills. Along with the family friend Smee, he boarded the Jolly Roger, a jewel of the English navy, and set sail with the fleet to find glory. But it was doom that awaited him. Ratcliffe had secretly paid off the other ships so that they would send the Jolly Roger and its crew to a watery grave. At the same time, Ratcliffe murdered his father and took over the Ratcliffe family, disowning James and declaring him unworthy of the name Ratcliffe.

So terrible was the rage of James that he himself sunk multiple ships before their numbers finally set in and the Jolly Roger exploded. But James didn't die. He refused to die. As the ship went down, James screamed he would face the fury of the gods to see his revenge be done to Ratcliffe. As it was, one such god heard him. James, Smee, the crew, and the ship were sent away to a different world where James could have all the time he needed to plot his revenge.

From that land, simply known as Neverland, James encountered the boy who could fly and never grew up. Though he tried to stave away from the boy, he always eluded capture, and eventually the boy and James ended up in a fight which cost him his left hand and an eternal fear of crocodiles. But still James didn't wish to be stopped. Finally adopting the name he would be known by for the years to come, James Killian Jones died and Captain Hook was born. A vengeful pirate captain that sought to eliminate all that stood in his way, his first deed was to kill the boy that cut off his hand and have him fed to the crocodile instead. 

After thirty years, Hook returned from Neverland back to England to enact his plot. Getting on good terms with Prince John (now known as king) he also undertook steps to see his archenemy dead and take revenge for his adoptive father.

Under the French Flag

Once Hook hears that the sea witch, Ursula, has come into the possession of King Triton's trident, he sets off with his crew to find her and prevent her from taking over the seas. Hook manages to injure Ursula, but she uses the trident to grow into a giant and attack the Jolly Roger, tearing the ship apart and taking Hook prisoner.

After Ursula is slain by Ratcliffe,  now Governor of the English colony of Jamestown, Hook manages to escape his prison and return to the surface. He ends up in France, where he contacts the surviving members of his crew and casts his lot in with Judge Claude Frollo. Frollo makes Hook a privateer in the service of France, providing the judge with crucial naval support for his planned invasion of England.

During the invasion, Hook and his armada find themselves up against Ratcliffe's fleet. Harboring no gratitude for the man who saved him from imprisonment, Hook boards Ratcliffe's flagship and engages his step-brother in a swordfight. Hook wins, but Ratcliffe pulls a gun. Plunging his hook-hand into one of the ship's masts, Hook swings the boom into Ratcliffe, knocking him overboard. With their commander taken out, the English navy surrenders. Hook has taken his long-awaited revenge.

A Second Betrayal

The invasion ends after Frollo's army haul off Prince John and install Pete as king of England, but Pete is captured by Doctor Frankenollie after a failed invasion of Wonderland. When news arrives that Professor Ratigan has taken advantage of the situation to declare himself king, Frollo sends Hook to reclaim the colony for France. Taking a flying version of the Jolly Roger, Hook pursues Ratigan through the London skyline, tricking his enemy into crashing into Big Ben. With Ratigan out of the way, Hook turns England back over to Frollo.

Having already lost Gaston after the hunter was murdered by Queen Narissa, Frollo is upset to learn Pete has been killed during a battle with Hades' Wind Titan. Tasking Hook with finding new soldiers for his alliance, Frollo sends him to talk with the master criminal, Madam Medusa. Medusa is already employed by David Xanatos, and refuse to work for Frollo. The two come to blows, and Hook ends up being chased off by Medusa's pet alligators, Brutus and Nero.

Deciding Hook is no more use to him, Frollo terminates the pirate's employment, leading Hook to swear revenge against the judge. Before Hook can attempt a coup, Frollo has Doctor Facilier summon the Headless Horseman to assassinate him. Hook holds the evil spirit off for as long as he can, but is cast from a cliff, where he is mauled to death by the crocodile that had devoured his hand long ago.

Disney Villains War 2

Back to life

Knowing she needed allies if she was to rebuild her power base, Maleficent used her magic to bring Shan Yu, Captain Hook, and Pete into her new realm, giving them back their lives in exchange for their servitude.

Vs Gothel

Returning to her tower, Gothel was confronted by Captain Hook, who held Rapunzel hostage and demanded Gothel surrender the tower to Maleficent to use as a base against the Organization. Undeterred, Gothel tried to kill Hook with a dagger, but as Hook drew his sword to defend himself he sliced off Rapunzel's hair, undoing the enchantment that gave Gothel eternal youth. Unnerved by Gothel's rapid aging and panic, Hook accidentally knocked her from the tower window. By the time she hit the ground, Gothel had withered away into nothing but dust.

Vs Lexaeus

Arriving at Castle Oblivion after their own missions, Shan Yu and Captain Hook were confronted by Lexaeus, perhaps the mightiest member of the Organization in terms of raw strength. With one blast of energy, Lexaeus knocked Shan Yu and Hook to the turf, threatening to tear them apart. Getting back on their feet, Maleficent's two warriors faced down Lexaeus, but the hulking champion summoned several lesser Nobodies to attack Hook, leaving him to battle Shan Yu. Engaging in a short battle, the Hun managed to strike a mortal blow to Lexaeus, laughing as his opponent faded into the darkness.

The War of Kingdom Hearts

Deciding to take the offensive against the Organization, Maleficent found their headquarters in the dark World that Never Was. She mobilized a team consisting of Riku, Captain Hook, Shan Yu, Clayton, and Pete to attack the World, leaving nothing to chance. Luxord rode in on a ship he had commandeered, planning on shooting Captain Hook with its cannons. Fortunately for the captain, the Storm Rider took the broadside. Shot out of the air, its body faded into darkness as it hit the ground. Seeking vengeance for his near-death, Hook lept onto the ship and attacked Luxord, slaying the gambler with a slash from his rapier Saix came to Luxord's aid, summoning a Grim Reaper Heartless to avenge his fallen comrade. With a single swipe of its axe, the Grim Reaper knocked Hook into the drink.

As Xemnas disintegrated into darkness, Shan Yu, Captain Hook, and Pete arrived looking for Maleficent. Ansem thanked them for their unwitting service, restoring their dark mistress to life. Before any of them could react, Ansem accessed Kingdom Hearts' power and a blinding light washed over all those present.

Back to his realm

When the light subsided, Maleficent and her generals found themselves back in Forbidden Mountain in the Animated Universe.

Vs Sewernose

With his kingdom restored, Prince John sought to rebuild his navy to protect himself from another attack. Having captured some of Captain Hook's old crew, John decided to employ the actor Sewernose to portray himself as Hook returned from the dead, hoping to manipulate the pirates into doing his bidding. As Sewernose arrived at the Jolly Roger, he found to his shock that Hook had actually returned to liberate his crew. The two duelled for control of the ship, but Sewernose was no match for Hook's actual battle experience. The pirate stabbed the actor through his heart, killing him and retaking his ship and crew.

Final Battle

In England, Frollo arrived at the head of a French army ready to take back his territories from Grimhilde. Hun archers fired down on the Huntsclan and Foreign Legion soldiers, who returned fire, managing to drive the Huns back. Ratcliffe led an army of ogres into the fray, only to be pushed back by the French militia and Foreign Legion. Maleficent arrived on the scene, blasting a cliffside and causing a rockfall which killed several Huntsclan warriors. Mechanicles arrived, piloting a giant centipede robot, but taking a lesson from Maleficent, Ratcliffe trained his guns on the cliffs and buried the robot before it could attack. One of the segments suddenly sprang to life and attacked Captain Hook's pirates, but they fired a cannonball into its exhaust port, destroying it.He failed to see Captain Hook, who had survived Ratcliffe's attack, coming after him.

As the battle for England reached its fever pitch, Frollo searched the castle for Queen Grimhilde and Prince John, determined to end the war single-handedly. The Sheriff of Nottingham, seeking to defend his master, chased after Frollo with a torch, knocking him to the ground. Frollo brought out his sword as Captain Hook caught up to the two. Meanwhile, higher up in the castle, John and Grimhilde turned on Maleficent, angered at how she had killed their own forces just as readily as Frollo's. As the castle was engulfed in flames, Frollo and the Sheriff duelled, with Frollo gaining the upper hand and knocking the wolf off his feet before continuing upwards. As Maleficent faced the betrayal of her allies, she used her magic to transform Grimhilde back into her hag form for real, just as Frollo burst into the room, quickly followed by Hook. John sent his guardsmen to seize Maleficent, but she transformed herself into her dragon form. As Frollo and Hook's duel took them out onto the balcony, Maleficent attacked and slew John, devouring him whole. As Maleficent breathed fire throughout the chamber, accelerating the inferno already burning below, Grimhilde searched through one of her spellbooks for a spell that could defeat Maleficent. As Frollo prepared to strike Hook a final blow, Grimhilde found the spell and began casting it, knocking Frollo off his perch atop a gargoyle. In his madness, Frollo believed the gargoyle had come to life, and the castle exploded in a torrent of fire and magic, apparently killing everyone inside.

Disney Villains War 3

For more information, regarding about her character, see here.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Under the English Flag

Hired by Prince John as one of the admirals of the English navy along with Governor Ratcliffe, Captain Hook is tasked in killing the sea-witch Ursula, longing for sailing free pass the seas without the witch's intervention. Captain Hook obliges to the task, setting the Jolly Roger on course to meet Ursula. Upon happening on the sea-witch, Captain Hook injures her, drawing her out of her hideout. She then transforms into a giant with the help of Triton's trident, to deal with the pirate. Using the powers of the trident, Ursula summons a large whirwind that destroys the Jolly Roger's hold. Captain Hook attempts to escape, only to be captured in her tentacles. However, he escapes in the nick of time, finding the rest of his crewmen into an escape pod. Rather that dealing with Ursula's wrath, Captain Hook and his pirates escape from the seas.

Under the French Flag

Holding a deep grudge for Prince John after his near-suicidal attempt, Captain Hook defects to Frollo's faction in France, joining officially the French ranks. He sells out England's weakness to to the French judge, providing a great opportunity for Frollo to arrange his campaign to take over England.

Disney vs Marvel Villains War

In the Employ of Enchanters

Jafar enlists Hook into an alliance of Disney villains led by Maleficent. Maleficent tasks Captain Hook with taking the youngest recruit, Avalanche, on a voyage. Hook does so. The two return to find Maleficent missing and Snow White in her throne room. Hades, Maleficent's right-hand man, joins them. Maleficent takes her leave of the group, leaving them to protect the Forbidden Mountains.

Attack on the Forbidden Mountains

Captain Hook, Ursula, and Hades all lie in wait at the Forbidden Mountains, waiting for Maleficent to return. Soon, however, Baron Strucker and the Grim Reaper attack the mountain, accompanied by a cadre of HYDRA troopers. Captain Hook takes on the Grim Reaper, slicing through the reaper's scythe with ease. Hook turns his attention to Strucker, but the Nazi shoots and stuns Captain Hook with a hand cannon. Captain Hook waits out the rest of the fight, getting up at just the right time to impale Strucker with his rapier.

The Folly of Failure

One day, as Hook is about to quit his membership to the alliance and sail back to Neverland, Maleficent and Pete mysteriously appear on the ship's deck, much to his surprise. Hook learns that the two were trapped in the computer realm. Hook returns Maleficent to the Forbidden Mountains, whereupon she tasks him and Avalanche with acquiring the Casket of Ancient Winters from Malekith. Avalanche transforms himself into a rock monster to try to crush the dark elf, providing an excellent distraction for Hook to sneak up behind Malekith and impale him with his hook. Unfortunately, Hook only manages to wound Malekith, who teleports away. Malekith soon wipes out Avalanche's rock monster form and knocks Hook away with a spell from the Casket. Malekith then unveils his full demonic visage, forcing Hook to flee.

Disgraced, Captain Hook begs Maleficent for forgiveness, attempting to charm her in the process. She provides none, hitting Hook on the head with her staff and magically transporting his being into the staff's crystal orb for his failure.

Disney vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

For more information, regarding about her character, see here.

Disney vs Anime Villains War

Vs Abracadaver

Finally back from the dead, Abracadaver is sent by Him to kill none other than Captain Hook. Hook orders to his crew to attack the zombie magician, Abracadaver defeats them with ease seeing his crew been defeated Hook decides to finish the zombie himself. Will Abracadaver kill the Captain or will the Captain have a trick up his sleeve?

Teaming with Queen Grimhilde

Captain Hook arrives at his Queen Castle, but once arriving Grimhilde is in a different form. But still the Captain obeys Grimhilde and the queen orders  Hook to go and form an alliance with an old friend of the past.


Captain Hook arrives in Paris, Pete and Ratcliffe are surprised, the Governor wants the pirate in jail but Hook explains that Grimhilde send him to form and alliance with their leader, both generals show's Frollo to the Captain and Frollo is interested in Grimhilde's alliance.

Vs Scrapperton

Rourke and Hook arrive at Scrapperton's place goin according to Frollo's plan to eliminate the robot and recover everything he collected of Paris, but Scrapperton arrives and calls his robot army to eliminate the intruders, Rourke and his team destroyed the robots with ease, but the Captain decides to destroy this enemy himself.

Vs a knight

Grimhilde, now impressed about Chaos' power but she still wats more allies if she wants to defeat Maleficent and decides to send Hook to another world to get her the most powerful recruits of that world. Hook arrives at a weird castle trying to find allies a knight attacks the captain and Hook tries to recruit him to Grimhilde's side, what Hook doesn't know is the identity of this knight.

In multiverse

Hook still in the Multiverse is trying to find a way to get out, as a certain shadow has a deal that Hook might accept.

Vs Mercurymon and Ranamon

Hook now is trying to find Mercurymon's hideout now that he left Devimon, now desperate on finding him an old ally of the Warrior of Steel has some loose ends with him and decodes to tell his location in exchange for help to kill him. Meanwhile Mercurymon and Ranamon decide to take out Arbormon but they are attacked and outnumbered will the Legendary warriors survive this?

News for Jafar

Captain Hook arrives with news of Jafar, to start a full assault to Devimon's forces much to everyone's happiness.

Battle with Devimon's Forces

Frollo launches a full scale siege on Devimon's Fortress desiring the death of all the digital monsters. But at the same time Mercurymon has prepared himself for this moment and with the powers of Chernabog starts calling all kinds of demons as he brings an un death army to defeat his opponents, but as both forces clash new forces arrive to take down Mercurymon for his actions.

Teaming with Gaston

At the Jolly Roger Gaston (who survived the fight.) wants to avenge his death parents, as Hook realize that in order to avenge the Queen and Judge must join forces, Gaston agrees.

Disney vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Deal with Witches of Morva

In the Jolly Roger, the Magic Mirror show to Hook and Gaston about the King's ceremony, Gaston still infuriated of having done nothing in a Year, hopefully Hook starts his plan in action as the Witches of Morva appear and the good old pirate has a deal they'll surely take.

Teaming with Jafar

Jafar seeing what Hook is capable now, seeks to re-join forces with the Pirate. Having Jafar back at his side, start their plan to usurping the King of the World.

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

Vs LeChuck

LeChuck was sailing the seas while gathering monkeys for a spell, when suddenly he found himself sucked into a strange portal. When he came to, he was outside Captain Hook's ship, and he got in a fight with the pirate. Hook fired his cannons before LeChuck could do anything, destroying LeChuck's magic orb, vaporizing him and sinking his ship.

Hunting LeChuck

Captain Hook sent a few pirates to clean up the mess after his battle with LeChuck, and on one of Hook's ships, a pirate found a pair of boots in the ocean, he picked them up unaware that the boots belonged to LeChuck.


Captain Hook set sail for Skull Rock to bury some treasure. But while burying treasure, Captain Hook heard strange voices and investigated while his crew continued to bury the treasure. Then he found the source of the noise and was shocked by what he saw. Two members of his crew, turned into skeletons! But things got worse when Captain Hook saw his enemy LeChuck return. LeChuck hadn't forgotten about Hook, and now he was out for revenge! LeChuck ordered his skeletons to fire the cannons at Hook, sending him flying into the crocodile's mouth. LeChuck then attacked Hook's crew and turned them into living skeletons with his breath.

Making a deal with Dr.Facilier

Unlike Rasputin and Scorpion who knew how to posse and control their undead bodies, Hook is still stuck as a spirit after escaping the underworld. In order to become alive again and warn Paris of what he overheard, Hook makes a deal with Facilier to get a new body. Facilier is hesitant to make a deal with Hook at first, until he mentions some information he learned while following Scorpion and Rasputin. Like how they both have a common enemy in LeChuck. Facilier uses a charm to bring Hook to life and go after LeChuck and his allies.

Warning Frollo

Arriving in Paris, Hook warns Frollo's Faction about Demitri's upcoming attack...

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Brock

ZigZag arrives at Captain Hook's pirate ship with his Mighty One-Eyes and asks him if he could help Ash Ketchum and his friends. Hook accepts the offer, as they head to Pewter City to start the invasion. But Brock will not let this happen, for he has two Pokémon he can use to deal with the two.

Meeting DNAmy

DNAmy is wanting to join Queen Narissa's alliance, but Captain Hook wants DNAmy to fight herself an opponent first.Captain Hook presents Narissa to her newest member of the alliance.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Teaming with Queen Narissa

Captain Hook, after escaping the tick-tocking crocodile arrives on shore onto Narissa's castle and joins her alliance.

Vs Oak

To test out her new captain, Narissa sends out Captain Hook on an important task. Hook takes his pirates and encounters Gary Oak as part of his task. But when Gary's Arcanine scares the pirates, Hook decides to deal with Gary Oak personally.

Vs Ash

Ash Ketchum, returning back to France, decides to honor 1 1/2 years as the Judge of France. But this has caught a furious Queen Narissa's attention, and orders Captain Hook to decide plans for a giant full frontal assault on him.Meanwhile, Captain Hook calls Rasputin, Mozenrath, the Huntsman, Fright Knight, and the newly resurrected Scar, so they can decide how to help plan the assault in France. Suddenly, Yzma comes into the room, and has already decided with the help from the Witches of Morva, and DNAmy.The celebration of Ash Ketchum being Judge of France for 1 1/2 years has just begun, and everyone has showed up. But Narissa has crashed the party and wants to kill Ash permanently. And Captain Hook is there to help finish him off.

Vs Tracey

After a fight with Nos4a2 and Dragaunus, Tracey's problems are getting bigger when he encounters Captain Hook and his pirates. Tracey challenges them to a fight, but Captain Hook has many tricks up his sleeves, even if it's dealing with three of Tracey's Pokemon.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

In another dimension

Queen Narissa has discovered that Ash Ketchum has survived, and has entered the live action universe. Wanting to finish him off, she takes Captain Hook to the universe, leaving Rasputin in charge of her faction, much to Jafar's dismay.

Sent by Narissa

Queen Narissa and Captain Hook arrive in the live action universe. Knowing that she might be vulnerable, Narissa sends Hook to find a team of pirates, so she can use them to defeat Ash Ketchum once and for all. Hook accepts this, and heads off.

Gaining new allies

This is being watched by Captain Hook, who is asked by Blackbeard if he can join Queen Narissa's pirate team.All of this is watched by Captain Hook, who also sees Barbossa potential.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War


In recent years, Maleficent, her soul damned to the Underworld after her death, managed to recover enough of her power to access the palace of Hades, the god of the dead. Having gotten Hades' attention, Maleficent told him that she had been planning a scheme to gather the forces of darkness throughout the world to usher in a new age of evil.

A meeting on Forbidden Mountain

In her citadel atop Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent met with her allies, including a new face, the pirate Captain Hook. She sent her raven familiar Diablo out to search the world for groups of heroes.

Vs Ariel

On the run after Triton's defeat, Ariel, and her companions Flounder and Sebastian found the pirate Captain Hook and his crew in the Jolly Roger, anchored offshore. Eavesdropping, Ariel overheard that Hook was working with Jafar. Just then, a lookout spotted Ariel and alerted Hook to her presence. Ariel dove underwater, but Hook was afraid to follow her, not wanting to disturb the crocodile that shadowed his every move. Instead, Hook ordered his first mate Mr. Smee to drop a bucket of chum overboard. As Ariel swam away, Mr Smee tripped and dropped the chum into the water, catching the attention of the fearsome whale Monstro, who was sleeping on the ocean floor. Monstro spotted Ariel and gave chase, intending to devour her whole. Ariel swam for her life, but found her escape cut off by a colossal electric eel. Getting an idea, Ariel returned to the surface, putting Hook's ship in between her and the leviathan. Taking the bait, Monstro crashed down the Jolly Roger in an effort to get to Ariel, sinking the ship and temporarily stunning Monstro. Hook and his crew managed to get to a lifeboat and head for shore as Ariel escaped in the confusion.

Vs Peter Pan

Entering the Palace of Justice, Peter Pan found that Frollo was away but his three top generals, Prince John, Captain Hook, and the Queen of Hearts, were watching over the prisoners. They soon noticed Peter, who drew his dagger and launched the attack. The Lost Boys swarmed the Palace, throwing paint cans on the Queen of Hearts' card soldiers. Captain Hook tried to sneak up on Pan and stab him with his hook, but Pan dodged, leaving Hook's hook caught in a wooden pillar. Prince John's wolf archers moved in to attack Pan, but he threw his dagger at them, pinning them to the wall. The Lost Boys managed to make it to the prison cells, breaking out Frollo's prisoners. As Hook's pirates and the Queen's cards tried to stop the prison break, Tinker Bell tackled the Queen, knocking her to the floor. With the attack a complete success, Peter escorted the prisoners to safety, with Frollo's forces in hot pursuit.

Capturing Jim's mother

Tasked by Frollo with assisting Zurg by capturing the loved ones of the Galactic Federation's taskforce, Captain Hook and his crew travelled into space and found Jim Hawkins' mother Sarah at her inn. Breaking in after dark and catching Sarah off guard, the pirates took her captive and returned to Earth with their hostage.

Vs Pocahontas and John Smith

Though the Native Land was firmly under his control, with the exception of a shrinking number of hold-outs, Ratcliffe would not be satisfied until his old enemies Pocahontas and John Smith were brought to him in chains. Rourke had already failed, and Ratcliffe was not about to trust Clayton again, so he brought in Captain Hook to find the Powhattan princess and the disloyal colonist. Finding the two on the shore, Hook fired on them with his cannons, but only succeeded in destroying some trees. Deciding to take the fight to Hook, Pocahontas and Smith boarded the Jolly Roger and began engaging the pirates. While Smith and Pocahontas' raccoon companion Meeko fought off some of the crew, Pocahontas knocked out Smee, but was then cornered by Hook. Smith intervened and engaged Hook in a sword duel, managing to get the upper hand and knock Hook down. However, Hook managed to recover and slashed Smith across the chest, grievously wounding him. As Hook moved in to finish Smith off, Pocahontas' hummingbird Flit flew into Hook's sleeve, distracting him. Getting back up, Smith managed to muster enough strength to knock Hook and Smee into the hold. The pair escaped back to shore while Hook took his anger out on Smee.

Vs Beast Forces

In the Palace of Justice, Frollo continued his rants against Maleficent, to the annoyance of Captain Hook and the Queen of Hearts, who were growing restless and felt Frollo needed to act. At that moment, Gaston and Amos Slade arrived at McLeach's behest, telling Frollo that the Beast's group had been spotted in the area, and Quasimodo was with them. Frollo decided to ambush the group, much to Hook and the Queen's delight. As the villain forces surrounded the Beast's party, Frollo congratulated Quasimodo for leading his friends into Frollo's clutches. Hook moved in next, engaging Mulan in a sword fight, but she got the upper hand and knocked him into a wall. As Frollo entered the fray, he had his soldiers and allies concentrate on the monstrous Beast, badly wounding him.As he and the others moved in to protect the Beast, Quasimodo called Frollo out on his hypocrisy and cruelty. Even so, it seemed to be a lost cause, as Frollo's soldiers moved in to either capture or kill the heroes, when a bolt of magic suddenly teleported the group away.

Saved by Maleficent

While preparing to strike against Maleficent, Frollo was informed by his spies that several of his men, including Shan Yu and Captain Hook, were still loyal to the sorceress and had been working behind his back with her since the beginning of the war. With Shan Yu still at Castle Grimhilde, Frollo took out his anger on Hook, but before he could punish him for his treason, Maleficent appeared and teleported out with her ally.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Captain Hook in his Dragon Form

Heroes Vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Recruited by Pete

At the Lobster Inn, Pete showed up to recruit Captain Hook and the Beagle Boys in to helping Shan Yu with their attack.

Capturing Avatar

Having arrived at their village, Sokka is annoyed by Aang's playful nature (much to the amusement by Katara and Ariel) and exclaims to him that they need to prepare for the war. Aang knows nothing about this but before his friends can explain, they are under attack. Captain Hook, Pete, and Shan-Yu arrive and demand to know where the Avatar is. Aang shows up and right after a short fight against Shan-Yu's soldiers, Aang agrees to go with them so long as they leave everyone alone.Before Ariel, Katara, and Sokka head off to go rescue Aang, Aladdin and his crew arrive and says they're here to help.Hook, Pete, and Shan-Yu deliver Aang to Zuko. Right as the trade-off is starting, Aladdin and co arrive to the rescue. Soon a battle on the ship breaks out. Things don't seem to look good until Aang reveals his true powers to his friends and enemies.Right as the heroes make a getaway, Zuko and Iroh try to make one final attack only to be counterattacked by an unexpected surprise.Aang tells his friends how he never wanted to be the Avatar and is worried about the war. Everyone tells him it will be okay and that they will be with him during the journey.

Disney Vs Comics War

Free For All Heroes vs Villains War Tournament

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains Battles

Joining Frollo and Rasputin

Meanwhile, Frollo and Rasputin recruit 3 other villains Gaston, Captain Hook and Zelda to stop Shan-yu's growing alliance.

Vs Shan Yu's Forces

Shan-yu announces with his allies about they must take out Frollo and his alliance very quick, so all of them are preparing. The same thing can't be said about Frollo and his allies, who are preparing too for the assault.Now the battle between Shan-yu's forces and Frollo's forces has begun to declare who and what alliance is gonna be ruling the Palace of Justice. Will Frollo get his home back or will Shan-yu and his alliance defeat the former judge again?

Vs Cruella,Alameda Slim and Beagle Boys

From orders of Pete and Yosemite Sam, Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys decide to take down two of Prince John and Frollo's alliance. Their targets? Captain Hook and Ratcliffe.


After the pirate's defeat and Ratcliffe's "death" against Cruella, Alameda Slim and the Beagle Boys, Frollo and Mok cast Captain Hook out from the Palace of Justice.

Vs Schlepper Brothers

After being casted out by Frollo and Mok, Captain Hook decides to join forces with Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance in order to take out Frollo and his allies. The pirate also warns them that The Schlepper Brothers are trying to find some allies of Pete and Yosemite Sam to take out. So the cowboy and the bully cat send Hook and Negaduck to defeat the allies of Frollo. Can the three brothers hope to win or will the criminal duck and the pirate take them out?

Vs Headless Horseman

With Sleazy and Zip dead and with Toad imprisoned, Frollo and his remaining allies talk about what they are going to do with Captain Hook. Classic Robotnik suggests to send a deadly ghost known as the Headless Horseman to kill him and weaken Pete and Yosemite Sam's alliance. When the pirate fights the ghost, is this his last battle?


The Beagle Boys inform Scar, Pete and Yosemite Sam about Frollo recruited a new ally, Schneizel. Worried about the situation, Pete and Yosemite Sam are calmed down by Cat R Waul, who tells them about a ritual that could help them against Frollo. Joe Dalton and the Dazzlings proceed as they resurrect a pirate from the death. Hook is back! With their old ally back from the death, Yosemite Sam, Pete and Scar begin their move....

Vs Frollo's Forces

The final battle for England, France, Germany, China and Africa has just begun. As Pete and Yosemite Sam get their revenge as Frollo tries to take out all of them once and for all. Now that this battle is gonna decide who is gonna rule the world, which side will be victorious?

General of England

While Prince John continues to rule over England alongside his general Captain Hook.

Villains Battles 2

Another dimension

The latter decides to make his wish (from Pete's orders): go in another dimension in order to gather some allies. The genie sends Pete and the Trix into this dimension. However, Captain Hook decides to help Pete too.

Vs Piella Bakewell

Searching for a base of operations for Pete, Captain Hook threatens the serial killer known as Piella Bakewell to help him or she will be killed. Piella mocks him as the two fight off. The pirate must try to find her weakspot and... not try to outstupid himself.

Shocked and attacked

Maleficent decides to use a massive resurrection spell in order to take over the CGI world alongside Pete. However, an old face from last war shocks Pete and Hook.After being revived and seeing Hook, Shan-Yu decides to slaughter him, however Pete stops him as he tells about the pirate redeemed himself after Frollo betrayed him. The cat explains also that they were aided by Scar and his allies after they asked for some help to take out Frollo.

Vs Lexaeus

While searching for some allies for Maleficent and Pete, Hook and Shan-Yu encounter a member of the Organization XIII known as Lexaeus, who has been sent to deal with the intruders. However the two villains aren't to be underestimated, are they?

Villains Battles 3

Decide to avenge Yosemite Sam

Prince John catches word of Pete's assassination attempt and Yosemite Sam's loss of Germany and is furious over what happened to his friends, as Hook fails to calm him down, Ratcliffe reveals to have a plan to resolve the problem. Prince John, then, alongside Hook, Ratcliffe and Dick Dastardly, prepares to take out those who hurt his friends.

Vs Lucille The Babysitter

While Prince John, Dick Dastardly and Ratcliffe are busy having a meeting with Pete and Yosemite Sam, Captain Hook decides to watch over the territory only to be cornered by Lucille, sent by Charles zi Britannia to assassinate him. When the general of the English army tries to convince her to join Prince John, the bandit is quick to refuse and Hook won't take no for an answer.

Re-joining some old friends

A weasel inform Pete, Yosemite Sam, Prince John and Ratcliffe of Lucille's attempt to assassinate Captain Hook. As the prisoner is brought before them, Ratcliffe has Hook execute her. With the Babysitter Bandit gone, the pirates congratulate Hook until Shan-yu and his allies alongside Drakken, Shego and their new recruit, DNAmy, appear to aid the rulers of the world. Our heroes are happy that their old friends have joined them once again, thus welcoming them again.

Disscusing about threats

With Scar joining them once again, Pete and Yosemite Sam discuss with Shan-yu, Scar and Prince John about the threats of these mysterious villains, the Major and Prince Phobos (they became aware of Prince Phobos due to Gir accidentally revealing that he and Zim work for Phobos in their assassination attempt on Duncan and Nuka). The lion king however reveals that Julius Caesar joined him to help his friends in taking down the enemies by providing his men on helping the rulers of the world. Ratcliffe, who was attending the meeting, sends out Duncan and Captain Hook to watch over the borders of France. As they go, Ratigan joins his old friends back much to Scar's joy. With our heroes gathered, they prepare for battle against these new foes.


Outside Pete's castle precisely in the northern border, Duncan and Captain Hook are discussing about the things that have been happening during the war as they slowly become friends. Their talk, however, is quickly interrupted by Oliver Cromwell and his men, who decided to ambush them now that there aren't a lot of Scar, Pete and Sam's allies in the area. The former pirate and Scar's royal adviser may be tough fighters, but the Lord Protector isn't willing to give up so easily even if it means capturing one of them to prove his might...

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Ursula

With the Witch gone, Ursula is planning a counter plan against Maleficent, only to be interrupted by another of Frollo's men, Captain Hook, who was sent by the latter to dispose of the Sea Witch before it's too late.

Teaming with Frollo

Frollo is happy of Gaston's latest successions in taking out Drake and Forte. The judge finds more happiness when Gaston recruited an ally Captain Hook.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

A mission

At the court of Justice, Frollo guested his two new allies:Gaston and Captain Hook,by giving their missions.

Vs Hector Barbossa

Toffee decides to invoke a captain from another universe to lead his army. Toffee sends Hector Barbossa to steal the ship of a pirate from another faction to prove himself to him. Will Hector Barbossa be able to do the task or he will suffer a worse fate than Ludo?

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

In John's faction

In England Prince John orders Governor Ratcliffe to prepare for the Goblin attack, he tells him that he has already summoned Captain Hook to help them, so the three are ready to counter the invaders.

Vs Deathstroke

Captain Hook and Smee guard the hidden border of England so as to be able to surprise Goblin's allies, but are identified by Deathstroke determined to get them out of the way to allow his alliance to enter England without problems, can the pirate defeat the mercenary.

Teaming with Frollo

Captain Hook and his pirates are looking for a safe place where Goblin allies will not be able to find them and they meet Frollo along with some of his guards who wants to take back the power of France after his defeat against Goblin, so the judge and the pirate decide to ally against their common enemies.

Freeing his formers allies

Prince John and Ratcliffe, locked up in prison following their defeat, are released by Hook who explains to him the alliance with Frollo and the plan to defeat Goblin and his allies and the two decide to accept, determined to defeat once and for all their opponents.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Vs Captain Brineybeard

Captain Hook decides to take out an old rival Captain Brineybeard, Mr. Smee sends out the Pirates to attack him, but one of Brinybeard's traps takes out two of them, as well as Hook. He then uses a Shark to knock them out.

In Frollo's faction

Judge Claude Frollo gathers his alliance, consisting of Governor Ratcliffe, Lieutant Colonel Staquait, Werner, Hook who survived his encounter with Brinybeard, Gaston, Brom Bones, Honest John, Gideon and The Coachman, who is up to something...

Animated vs CGI Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Lechuck

The pirate LeChuck is sailing the seas in the CGI world, however a large portal sucks him inside. He finds himself in the animated world and is cornered by Captain Hook, who was watching over Maleficent's castle in the sea. Who will have the upper hand?

Joining Prince John

Captain Hook informs Ratcliffe of his victory against LeChuck, which makes the governor happy. Right in that moment, Prince John (who escaped King Dedede's wrath) proposes an alliance in order to get rid of Dreamland and the one who usurped England. The duo accept since it's their job.

Vs Bugsy

From orders of Prince John, Captain Hook has arrived in a sea near Dreamland to take down King Dedede. He encounters Bugzzy, who was guarding the castle. Can the pirate stop the bug and kill King Dedede?

Brought back

Maleficent, thinking that the River Styx of the CGI dimension would be quite useful for their plans, orders Hades to use it in order to gather new allies from the dead as he summons 3 fallen veterans to help them in their battles against Pitch Black and Master Hand.

Vs Cleric Beast and Tai Lung

Pitch Black has summoned the Cleric Beast to take down two allies of Hades and Maleficent who are coming near an unknown territory belonged to Pitch Black himself. The intruders? Captain Hook and Shan-yu.

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Teaming with Frollo

Gaston, disgraced from his defeat, decides to inform Frollo about Morgaine's new ally, but he's surprised by Captain Hook, who wants to help them. At first the captain of the guards doesn't care about his offer, but when Hook reveals interesting details about Morgaine, Gaston reconsiders his offer.

Joining Maleficent

Meanwhile, with all its allies gathered, the mysterious benefactor reveals to be none other than Maleficent and has Hades as her second in command, but this leaves an ally of the faction envious as the mistress revives a deceased villain to serve her cause.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Vs Hook

Hook challenges His Animatronic Counterpart to a duel.

In Frollo's team

Frollo forms his Team.

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Vs DJ Octavio and Kelly

Ursula sends DJ Octavio to Kill Hook,Will Hook become seafood?DJ Octavio is confronted by Hook,who has not forgotten their last confrontation.

Villains War 4 (Adrian C)

Vs Waluigi

Hook Founds a Portal in the Toon Universe That Sends Him into the Multiverse At the Same Time, Waluigi appears to search for Wario.

Vs Tzekel Khan

Hook and his crew arrived on a village for Frollo to rule,Tzekal,won't let this pirate captain steal his rule.

Disney Vs TV Villains War

All-Star Villains Tournament