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Captain Hook's Pirates are the Neverland criminals and loyal crewmen, of the deadly pirate Captain Hook. Featured as secondary villains from the Disney's animated feature films, Peter Pan, the Pirates appear in the villains tournaments, usually serving more powerful employers, who would need them for backup.

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Captain Hook's Pirates as he later appears in the live-action universe

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Captain Hook's pirates appear in the reboot series in a role similar to the original series, although altered with few changes. During Hook's fight with Ursula, they escape into a pod of the Jolly Roger's hold along with Mr. Smee. When Hook escapes from Ursula's tentacles, Smee and the pirates fish him up to the pod before escaping from her wrath.

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Hunting LeChuck

Captain Hook sent a few pirates to clean up the mess after his battle with LeChuck, and on one of Hook's ships, a pirate found a pair of boots in the ocean, he picked them up unaware that the boots belonged to LeChuck.

Their Transformation

Captain Hook set sail for Skull Rock to bury some treasure. But while burying treasure, Captain Hook heard strange voices and investigated while his crew continued to bury the treasure. Then he found the source of the noise and was shocked by what he saw. Two members of his crew, turned into skeletons! But things got worse when Captain Hook saw his enemy LeChuck return. LeChuck hadn't forgotten about Hook, and now he was out for revenge! LeChuck ordered his skeletons to fire the cannons at Hook, sending him flying into the crocodile's mouth. LeChuck then attacked Hook's crew and turned them into living skeletons with his breath.

A New Captain

As Smee lamented over Hook's death, LeChuck gathered his undead army.


While reading tarot cards, Dr. Facilier noticed a card with LeChuck's picture on it. He quickly realized that this was a warning from his friends on the Other Side. Meanwhile, LeChuck had set up a new base disguised as a carnival for pirates and sailors. His minion Dingy Dog warned him about Facilier, so LeChuck decided to send his new "recruits" after the Shadowman. As the ghost pirates attacked Facilier, the Shadowman used his voodoo powers to trap them and gave them to his Friends on the Other Side who devoured them.

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