Captain Gantu is the main villain from the Disney film, Lilo and Stitch, and is a secondary player in the Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War.

Formerly a Captain of the Galactic Alliance, he is dismissed from his position due to his incompetence and brutallity, becoming a rogue agent. He was Kylo Ren's servant along with Gallaxhar, Marvin and Captain Smek until he betrayed him and joined the Great Alliance

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

First Encounter with Megatron

Captain Gantu first appears as the opponent of Megatron, who arrives with his Decepticon armada to take over Earth. Gantu's ship has neither the maneuverability nor the firepower to stop Megatron, and he is shot down. As Gantu's ship crash lands, Megatron blasts his way through the wreck. Before the transformer knows what hits him, Gantu cripples him with a shot from his blaster. Gantu escapes before Megatron's fellow Decepticons kill him.

Zurg's Hitman - Facing the Drej

Emperor Zurg, the dominant force in space, faces a threat from the powerful Drej. He thus hires Gantu, who has finally repaired his ship, to assist him in taking the aliens down. Critically important to this end is killing the bounty hunter, Preed, who has been aiding the aliens. Gantu hunts Preed down; in the ensuing Mexican stand-off, Gantu shoots first. Preed dies quickly. Gantu later serves as air support in Zurg's attack on the Drej, destroying a number of Drej starships with his laser cannons.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

A Loyal Enforcer

Gantu remains a central member of Zurg's expanded alliance in the second war. This time, the larger alliance is necessary to combat the rise of Megatron, Gantu's old enemy from the first war. Gantu helps repel an attack from Vexus, Queen of the Cluster, along with his new allies, Warhok and Gravitina.

Rematch and Capture

One night, Gantu is guarding Zurg's prison. Out of nowhere, the newly revived Megatron attacks, in hopes of freeing captured Decepticons. Gantu calls in the guards, but Megatron wipes them out with little effort. As in the last fight, Gantu tries to down Megatron with a single shot. This time, though, Megatron is ready. He deflects Gantu's shot and disarms his opponent in one swift motion. Gantu flees to his personal space ship, but Megatron enters helicopter mode and shoots Gantu down. Gantu lands on Earth, where he is captured and jailed by Kent Mansley.

Disney Villains War

Putting Zurg on Hold

Emperor Zurg seeks to invade Earth, but Gantu and the rest of the Galactic Federation are a major block between him and his goal. Thus, Zurg sends out Darkmatter to kill Gantu to intimidate the Federation. Darkmatter attacks Gantu alone, but Gantu outmaneuvres his foe and destroys his cover. With one trick shot, Gantu downs Darkmatter and leaves "Agent Z" for dead.

Alien Down

Gantu continues patrolling Planet Z's airspace, making sure Zurg's forces cannot progress. This, however, is not to Zurg's liking. He hires Dragaunus to eliminate Gantu. Gantu does not get the chance to fight back, as the Saurian uses a remotely controlled laser to blast Gantu's ship out of the sky. Gantu crash lands on Earth in a miserable defeat.

Vs Fat Cat

Deciding to test his new ally's skills, Xanatos tasked Gantu with eliminating a potential rival, the crimelord Fat Cat. Storming Cat's hideout, Gantu attempted to use a mind-control gun that Xanatos had provided him to take control of the crime boss, but Cat dodged at the last moment. However, Gantu's device struck Cat's henchmen, whom the alien turned against their master, chasing Fat Cat out of town.

Vs John Silver

With the conflict between Zurg and Xanatos escalating, Gantu was sent to assassinate John Silver. Successfully gaining access to Silver's pirate ship, Gantu heavily damaged the vessel, killing the majority of the alien pirates onboard. Silver himself was more fortunate, escaping in a lifeboat. Gantu searched for him, but lost the trail, with Silver deciding to sit out the rest of the war.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Stopping an Assassin

Gantu appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original one. He appears once again as the Grand Councilwoman's enforcer, tasked in keeping order in the galaxy. On one of his missions, Gantu is sent to stop Emperor Zurg's conquest of the galaxy. But first, he has to deal with his new henchman, "Agent Z". The agent attacks Gantu alone, but Gantu outmaneuvres his foe and destroys his cover. With one trick shot, Gantu downs Darkmatter and leaves "Agent Z" for dead.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

in the universe CGI

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Taking orders

The Grand Councilwoman offers Gantu his old job back if he can capture Zurg and Vilgax.

Hunting Vilgax

Gantu follows Vilgax to Zurg's lair where he has broken in to try and reclaim his transdimensional technology. Gantu accidentally causes a malefaction when he zaps Vilgax and the computer, resulting in a unstable portal which sucks Vilgax into the other dimension and Gantu has no choice but to go after him.

Vs Wolf

Zurg realizes Gantu is on his trail and can't have Gantu interfere with his plans, so hires a mercenary to take care of him. Wolf O'Donnell gladly accepts the job and tracks Gantu down in his space ship and the two quickly get into an outer space dog fight. Whose skills as a pilot will win this battle?


After being saved, Gantu talks to the man who saved, and Alister introduces himself.

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