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Bloth is the primary antagonist from the animated series The Pirates of Dark Water, is a secondary player in villain wars.

Cartoon Villains War

Worst Villains Tournament Ever 


Bloth began as the first mate of a human LeChuck crew in his youth, being part of a terrible and bloodthirsty pirates as a great captain, Bloth and LeChuck had heard the legend of the ancient and coveted treasure of Lord Pyrate among its riches were Thirteen Treasures of Rule whoever took it would have control of the Dark Water, After getting the map they were determined to take those requisitions and be the masters of the seven seas, their destination was the mysterious Pirate Cave located in mysterious seas. Upon arrival they were determined but Bloth noticed that something was not right, because when they arrived the place was empty there was no trace of the treasure and when they least expected it they were attacked by the Skeleton Crew commanded by Captain Dread Eye, these were the former crew of Lord Pyrate who were plunged into the curse of the treasure for their own greed and were the guardians of it.

The attack was imminent, Bloth noticed the great bravery of Captain LeChuck, and they did not run away fighting against the undead, even though they seemed to have the victory, a mist appeared, announcing the arrival of the Phantom, the ship of the Skeleton Crew, It was the flame of death for the pirates, even though Bloth managed to escape from the battle, but LeChuck, his captain was not known what happened to him and his crew, but it is most likely that the curse of Lord Pyrate transformed them into undead.

A few years later, Bloth managed to become a terrible and feared pirate himself by being the captain of his monstrous warship, The Maelstrom with his own crew, he still had that ambition to have control over the 7 seas but heard that LeChuck with the power of the voodoo took over the Skeleton Crew and had all of Lord Pyrate's treasures in his possession, Bloth felt betrayed but he was not going to risk a second time or face LeChuck. ...at least not prepared...

In the War

Bloth managed to associate with James Brooke the Cat and Commander Foun the Gorilla even became their boss by proving to be a very frightening pirate to them, then sent them as his two boosters to The Pirate Penguins who were offered to work for him in exchange for good pay and they accepted him as his lackeys.

The Intruders have a New Leader

Then to his surprise Bloth is visited by Kaptain Skurvy who only wanted to keep the Intruders faction alive, Bloth decides to accept when he heard from Skurvy that LeChuck died, both pirates went to attack two surviving members of the Order of De Signe being The Fabulous Moolah and Nikolai Volkoff, at first Bloth approached the two fighters challenging them to combat without knowing they were going to die. When the fight started the pirate duo confronted the fighters having all the advantage when The Fabulous Moolah was finished by Skurvy then between the two with their henchmen they made the fight impossible for Nikolai Volkoff, Bloth ordered his men to launch the cataculp and finish him off by killing him with one blow, the pirates celebrated their victory and Bloth was happy to be the new leader of the Intruders.