Mariah Crawford (Earth-92131) Calypso
Calypso is the wife of Kraven the Hunter and an African witch doctor possesing animalistic magic. She appears only in Disney vs Marvel Villains
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Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Role in the Story

Following Kraven's defeat in the battle of the Sinister Six, Calypso retrieved him and brought him back to their hidden lair inside the Central Park Zoo. She used her magic to turn Kraven back to normal, by his request. As Maleficent and Loki's factions began to go to war, Calypso sensed a dangerous to herself and her husband. To ensure their safety, Calypso recruited Sabretooth, one of the Acolytes before Magneto's death, to help defend their lair. However, as Sabretooth arrived, he inadvertantly led Scar and Zira right to them. Calypso showed her true power in the battle, taking out several lionesses and frightening away still more. When Zira was killing Sabretooth, Calypso rushed in to help her new suboordinate only to be stopped by Yzma who used a potion to turned Calypso into a tortoise. However, give Calypso's skill for magic, this change might not be permanent.

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