CC is a mysterious figure in the Code: Geass universe. An extremely powerful agent able to bestow the power of Geass on others, CC has no set morality, merely siding with Zero, her protector. CC is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Destruction of Cobra Mansion


CC, posing as Zero, during the Battle of the Black Knights against COBRA.

During most of the war's opening stages, CC acts as a counselor to Zero, who is embroiled in an intense feud with Cobra Commander. When Zero's true identity, that of Lelouch vi Britannia, is discovered, Zero decides to take down Cobra before he can damage the Black Knights further. CC assists him, disguising herself by wearing Zero's armor and bringing a massive Knightmare Frame into the fight. She manages to take down Major Bludd, as well as several of Cobra's robots. When Zero gets the upper hand in the fight, CC launches one of Cobra's missiles inside the mansion, allowing Zero to blow it up. The resulting explosion leaves Cobra's criminal empire in shambles.

Dealings with Nox

CC learns that a being devoted to reversing the flow of time, named Nox, has been looking into her affairs. She travels to his lair and teleports him to a neutral location. There, the two engage in a duel of psychology. Nox asks for her help in reversing the flow of time, knowing that CC does not age. CC asks him to stop, noting that Nox shouldn't play God and that time cannot be undone. This sends Nox into a rage, as he laments the destruction he has caused and the destruction of history itself. CC merely asserts that the world is as the world is, and that Nox shouldn't try to affect it. While Nox notes her opinion, he teleports away rather than provide a definite response.

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