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Buzz Lightyear is head of the Space Rangers of Star Command, an elite special forces group formed by the Galactic Federation to keep order in the spaceways. The greatest enemy of Emperor Zurg, he faces Zurg and his allies in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs John Silver

After the attack by Gantu, Jim Hawkins travelled to the Galactic Federation's flagship where he informed the Grand Councilwoman and her top agent, the space ranger Buzz Lightyear about their rogue agent. Before they could investigate the matter further, the pirate John Silver and his pirates attacked the flagship, having been ordered by Emperor Zurg to assassinate Lightyear and the Councilwoman. Lightyear confronted Silver and his pirates as they tried to breach the council chambers, only to be knocked aside as Silver blasted away the door with his arm cannon. Telling the Councilwoman and Hawkins to get to safety, Lightyear engaged in a laser battle with the pirates, but was overwhelmed by Silver's superior firepower. Before Silver could finish Lightyear off, he was distracted upon seeing Hawkins, who was an old friend of his. Galactic Federation reinforcements came to assist Lightyear, including the rest of his space ranger team, and Silver was apprehended as his pirates fled the station, to Hawkins' dismay.

Hearding of Zurg's invasion

Meanwhile, having learned about Zurg's involvement in the attacks on the Galactic Federation, Buzz Lightyear led a team including new faces such as the robot BEN, Stitch's creator Doctor Jumba and his friend Pleakley to stop Zurg's invasion of Earth.

Vs Ratigan and Hamstervil

Finding out that Buzz Lightyear had pursued him to Earth, Emperor Zurg tasked Doctor Hamsterviel and Professor Ratigan with disposing of his old enemy and his friends. As the two plotted their attack, Lightyear and the Galactic Federation taskforce broke into Hamsterviel's facility searching for Zurg. Hamsterviel deployed a squad of Hornets to battle the heroes, but after a short firefight, Doctor Jumba destroyed the robots with his blaster rifle. Ratigan activated a defensive turret that shot beams of energy, breaking the Federation lines and sending the heroes diving for cover. Acting quickly, Mira used her powers to phase through the turret and tear out its wiring, destroying it. While Ratigan was distracted with the turret's destruction, Doctor Doppler shot him in the back with a blaster pistol, injuring him. Buzz and the other Federation heroes managed to destroy the remaining Hornets and even a large battle robot that Ratigan unleashed as a last line of defense. As the heroes closed in, the slippery Ratigan escaped on his airship, leaving Hamsterviel behind to be captured.

Teaming with Milo

While searching the seas for Ursula and her allies, Milo Thatch and the Atlantean mercenaries saw a spacecraft crash-land nearby. Going to investigate, they found the craft's occupants were Buzz Lightyear's Galactic Federation taskforce, who explained that, while on a scouting mission looking for Zurg's forces, they were shot down by Rourke's mercenaries. Knowing Rourke all too well, Milo and his friends agreed to help Lightyear's group find Rourke and bring him to justice.

Vs Rourke

Finding Rourke and his men setting up a zeppelin to flush out the heroes, Lightyear's team determined to arrest the mercenary for the earlier attack. As the zeppelin took to the air, Buzz and his Ranger team flew in to attack, but were met by a hail of gunfire from Rourke and his troops. Thanks to their advanced weaponry, the Rangers managed to take down most of Rourke's mercenaries, but Rourke himself was a trickier target. Buzz managed to destroy Rourke's machine gun, but Helga came to Rourke's aid, knocking a bomb into Lightyear and sending him hurtling to the ground. However, as Helga remarked that Buzz had been taken out "unless someone wanted to check", Rourke suddenly betrayed her and threw her out of the zeppelin, intending to take her half of the paycheck for himself after the war was over. Buzz managed to survive, clinging on to the hull of the zeppelin and climbing back up, but Rourke overpowered him in hand-to-hand combat and prepared to kill him with a fireaxe. Just then, Helga took her revenge by firing a flare pistol at Rourke before dying from her wounds. Though the shot missed Rourke, it distracted him long enough for Buzz to recover and get the upper hand again. At Buzz's mercy, Rourke surrendered and allowed himself to be taken into custody.

Battle of Planet Z

With Rourke's guidance, Lightyear's squad and the Atlantean mercenaries landed on Planet Z and made ready to launch an attack on Zurg's base. However, Lightyear's instincts proved to be correct; it was a trap. Rourke turned and punched Lightyear as Zurg's army emerged from ambush and prepared to kill the heroes, teleporting Rourke back to Earth. Just before the heroes were killed, however, another ship arrived on the scene and attacked Zurg's forces; Peter, Jim, Stitch, and Silver had arrived.Lightyear was about to arrest Zurg when the emperor revealed one final surprise: a self-destruct sequence for Planet Z. Activating a hidden switch in his armor, Zurg escaped through a trapdoor, leaving the heroes to die. When BEN revealed the danger to the heroes, they fled back to their ships, with Lightyear destroying the video-link to Hamsterviel's cell as the mad doctor vowed revenge. Gantu, having freed himself from his derelict ship, tried to stop the heroes as they fled the collapsing stronghold, but Lightyear knocked him out. With seconds to spare, the heroes escaped, even saving Gantu and Darkmatter from certain death. As they cheered in victory, they set a course for the Galactic Federation headquarters to drop off their prisoners and receive their next mission.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Heroes vs Villains War

Heroes vs Villains War-Part Two

Vs Starscream

Starscream attacks the brave space rangers and demands to know where the All Spark is. Buzz and his team know nothing about it, and this leads Starscream to assault the heroes.

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