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Brer Rabbit is a young rabbit hailing from the Deep South, known for his adventures outwitting his enemies Brer Fox and Brer Bear. Although usually a trickster known for thinking his way out of danger, he may have gotten in over his head when he finds himself a target of the Coachman and his circus in Disney Heroes vs Villains.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Attend to Coachman's circus show

In Paris, children from all around the world, including Brer Rabbit, the Lost Boys, Pinocchio, Lampwick, and the Darling children Wendy, John, Michael, and several other children, were attracted to the Coachman's circus.Unseen by the children, crows, or Jiminy, the Coachman and his goons locked the gates behind them to ensure none of the children could escape what the Coachman had planned for them...

Heard Coachman's plan

As the circus show came to an end and the Coachman's allies took the attending children prisoner, he introduced them to some of the other children he had taken captive since the beginning of the war, including the Australian boy Cody, the New York girls Penny and Jenny Foxworth, and many others. The Coachman explained to the children that he planned to turn them all into donkeys and sell them as slave labor to fuel Maleficent's war machine.

Meeting Pooh and his group

On their way back to the 100 Acre Wood, Pooh and his friends stumbled across some of the children escaping from the Coachman's circus, including Peter, Brer Rabbit, and Bongo, being led into the forests by the Cheshire Cat. Curious, the 100 Acre Wood group decided to investigate. Little did they know that something else had followed them from the circus.

Battle with Forces of Nature

As Peter, Bongo, and Brer Rabbit arrived in the Pride Lands, they saw Copper chasing Tod and Vixey into a hole with Koda.Herded into the center of the jungle by their attackers, the heroes were confronted by Zira and Amos Slade.