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Brainiac is a deadly alien and artificial intelligence, frequently appearing as an enemy to Superman and to the Justice League. First appearing in the DC comic, Action Comics #242, Brainiac also appears in the Non-Disney vs DC Villains War, as a major player, with the footage of the character taken from the Superman: The Animated Series.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

First Victory

Brainiac is mentioned in the Epilogue of the first round, as the strange "meteor", seen or heard by witnesses. However, he physically appears, before the humans, as he begins to lay waste on the world. Trouble arises, when CADMUS' associate, Kent Mansley, arrives with the army of the United States of America, at his disposal. Yet, they are no match against Brainiac attacks, who effortlesly destroys several tanks and a missile, much to the shock of the others. He then demonstrates his all mighty, by summoning a deadly blast, that exploded thousand miles away, from their position, forcing Mansley and his army to retreat.


After the end of the battle, Brainiac is approached by Black Knight, who persuades him in an offer of alliance, hoping the two of them would dominate the world. Seeing potential in the woman's heart, Brainiac agrees to her offer. In addition, they add the Rooters into their team.