Brad Buttowski is the older brother of Kick Buttowski, who often bullies and demeans Kick. His favorite insult to use is the word "Dilweed", a word he doesn't even know the definition of.

In "War of The Villains", Brad arrived at Sid's House and insulted him by being nothing more than a no-account toy tormenter. Offended and Irritated, Sid called for his dog, Scud, who Brad quickly ran away from.

Later on, while watching television, Brad saw an advertisement for King K. Rool's Mad Jack toy. He decided to use Mad Jack to give Sid the scare of his life. Upon succeeding, Brad peeked his head from out of Sid's bushes and whispered "Yeah Brad!"

Later, Brad would call out Darla Dimple by using Mad Jack invade her mansion. However, upon planning his move, Darla and her butler Max decided to drown the abandoned factory the two were in. Brad, however, caught onto Darla's tricks, and ordered Mad Jack to stop her. However, due to Mad Jack's sudden defeat by Max, Brad later tried to make a run for it after Darla ordered Max to create lightning. However, he fell down an open manhole.

It is unknown if Brad survived the fall.

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