Bowser is the King of the Koopas, the arch-nemesis of Mario, and the main antagonist of the Super Mario Bros franchise. Bowser is a Koopa, a strange hybrid of a turtle, dinosaur, and a dragon. HIs hobbies generally include kidnapping Princess Peach and causing overall mayhem. Bowser is generally considered the most beloved villain in all of video games, according to Guinness World Book of Records and other sources. He has featured prominently in two spin-off tournaments, Animated vs. Video Game Villains War and Video Game Villains War and in Villains Battles he's was a menber of Pete's Alliance and the leader of his Alliance after his boss and Leader Pete leave the CGI World Bowser made his Alliance to continue Pete's Plans

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Hades

Ganondorf, hearing about Maleficent's growing army sent Bowser to test one of her members to see if they were strong enough to use a Subspace Bomb on. Meanwhile, Hades had got a secret weapon to take out Zeus, and when Bowser arrived it was a perfect chance to test that weapon. This weapon was a replica of the Ice Titan. The King of the Koopas blasted the Colossus, with his own weapons, causing the frozen giant to collapse, and later fade into nothingness. Hades then blamed the the fact that he only had a replica of the Titans rather than the real deal on why he lost. He then retreated from the battlefield, with empty hands.

Teaming with Gruntilda

After firing the B.O.B (A life sucking device) some of Gothel's life force was put into the machine. The witches were suddenly met by Bowser who offered an alliance with them, which they accepted.

Capturing Princess Peach

Tired of searching, and seeking the great power he had promised for collecting them all, Jafar used his second wish to bring all the remaining Princesses of Heart to him. Though they were unaware that they were being watched by Bowser, who quickly kidnapped Peach to stop their plans. Despite Syndrome's efforts, Bowser escaped with Peach.

Against Maleficent Forces

Ganondorf and Bowser exited subspace with a powerful airship. Then they spotted Charles Muntz' blimp, Vector's airship and the Cyclonians. Instead of wasting firepower on them, Ganondorf signalled Kuja's silver dragons to attack Maleficent's airforce. The dragons were destroyed, so Ganondorf was forced to uses his ship's heavy arsenal of lasers. Many of the Cyclonians and Muntz's canine air force were hit by the lasers. Muntz ordered Vector to destroy Ganondorf's ship, but as he made the order, Ganondorf fired his ship's most powerful blast directly at the Spirit of Adventure, destroying it and killing Muntz. Once Vector was in position, he fired his ray gun at the subspace ship. The blast destroyed the ship, so Bowser and Ganondorf were forced to retreat.

Now that their defenses had been destroyed, Maleficent, Jafar, Tai Lung, Pete, a Shadow Clone of Oogie Boogie (Made by the bag of bugs himself so he could still recover at the base) and Master Xehanort entered the scene. They were immediately attacked by Wario, Gruntilda and her sisters, Bowser, Ganondorf, Kefka, and Kuja. Right off the bat, Tai Lung was able to crush both of Grunty's sisters causing the bag of bones to temporary flee. Bowser fired his cannon at the clone which easily disposed of it. Though Tai Lung and Jafar easily destroyed the cannon, Grunty returned in a huge tank to protect herself and started firing one huge spell. But when Maleficent made Gruntilda drop the spell things got explosive. After watching the tank explode, Wario decided that if he stayed around, he'd end up like Gruntilda and left the battlefield, Bowser joined him shortly after a failed battle with Pete.

Teaming with Dr.Eggman

Meanwhile, Cortex was getting ready to show Eggman his new inventions made from parts of the robot Eggman defeated when the war began. But before he could finish it, he was interrupted by the arrival of Bowser to their lair. He explained that he needed their help in finding Maleficent, as he believed her to be responsible for Peach's disappearance. Luckily for him, Eggman and Cortex agreed to aid him, believing that Cortex's invention just might be able to help him...

Against Syndrome Forces

Eggman's scanner detects Cyclonian air crafts heading towards them. Cortex sends a message to some of his old friends for help, but they won't be able to arrive in time, so they'll have to defeat them or hold the intruders off until the cavalry arrives. So Cortex and Bowser go out to deal with them, while Eggman prepares one of his own machines for battle. Can they defeat Syndrome and his most powerful allies?

After His Defeat

After they are defeated, Eggman, Bowser, and Cortex are upset at their loss until Cortex remembers the invention he want to show them. A portal generator to the animated dimension! They eagerly try the machine, but because Cyclonis broke a piece of the Power Crystal, the machine becomes highly unstable and breaks. Bowser is sucked into an unstable portal, is mutated and lands in a strange.

Bowser discovers that he has changed after something went wrong with the machine. Luckily Eggman and Cortex manage to connect to another computer in the dimension and communicate to Bowser through it. They discover Bowser's altered appearance and explain his condition. They believe that only part of Bowser made it to the animated dimension and the rest of him went into the live action dimension. The computer also detects a nearby power source with a energy signature similar to the portal Cortex created. Before they can study the energy signature and explain more to Bowser, the connection between dimensions is lost. Leaving Bowser on his own.

Vs Queen Narissa and Holi Would

Bowser is desperately trying to find the power source Eggman mentioned when Narissa spots him and decides to follow him. Bowser then begins to feel the power source as he follows Holli Would closer to it. Holli tries to beat Bowser to the Spike, but Bowser has henchmen and is armed and dangerous. Luckily for Narissa appears and begins to battle Bowser. While they battle, Holli makes it to the spike and when she feel the energy from the Spike, she feels the energy from in and removes the spike and opens a unstable portal, which tries to merge the animated and live action dimension. If the portal isn't sealed, it could destroy both dimensions...

A New House

After getting sucked in through the Portal, Bowser quickly finds a new castle to call home.

Vs Jafar

With his new castle in hand, Bowser begins to relax until he's rudely interrupted by Jafar (who was accidentally let free) who wants to claim the castle as his own. Can the King of Koopas hold off this new genie and keep what he claimed, or is he only second rate?

Teaming with King Dedede

Both having made new enemies, King Dedede and Bowser meet up and decide to form an alliance.

Vs Blackwolf

Bowser get a mysterious unexpected visitor, who tells him that they are interested in forming an alliance with Bowser. Bowser isn't sure he can trust this stranger, but the stranger says that they know a way into Maleficent's castle and know where Mozenrath keeps some powerful magic wands that could be of use to bowser.Bowser listens to the stranger and enters the castle and does find some of Mozenrath's magic wands. Though Bowser is caught in the act of stealing by Blackwolf. Armed with the magic wand, Bowser is confident he can take on Blackwolf. Blackwolf maybe old, but he is still a powerful sorcerer.While Bowser stole the magic wand, his mysterious ally was also in the castle freeing Morrigan from her icy prison and offers her an alliance as well.

Video Game Villains War

Aggressive Expansion

After kidnapping Princess Peach yet again, Bowser decides to hire more troops. He turns to the forces of Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto, though the later is resistant to turning over his forces to Bowser's control. Bowser has his minion, Kamek, try to kill Ripto, but the shrimpy dinosaur counters the attack with an icy shield. Bowser uses his own fire breath to burn right through the shield. Ripto, in response, mutates himself into a larger form, even managing to stun the Koopa King. Bowser, enraged, summons a massive burst of energy and destroys Ripto's staff. The resulting explosion kills Ripto.

Allies and Apes

With Princess Peach thorougly captured and the Gnorcs under his control, Bowser takes up an alliance with Ganondorf. Ganondorf asks Bowser to eliminate the out of control Donkey Kong, a threat currently terrorizing the jungle. Bowser, along with two of his new minions, Crush and Gulp. Donkey Kong manages to kill both of Bowser's allies, but Bowser does manage to turn his foe into a trophy. Unfortunately, Bowser leaves it behind for Dr. Nefarious and GlaDOS to recover. Later on, after Ganondorf brings Dr. Eggman into the alliance, Bowser tries to bring Malefor into the fold, so long as the dragon can capture a princess. However, Malefor perishes at the claws of Alduin before Bowser can induct him into the faction. Instead, Bowser brings King K. Rool into the alliance. When Rool proves resistant to any real action, Bowser goads him into killing Baron Dante, a task which Rool is able to complete.

Might Vs Magic

The Sorceress emerges as an assassin out to kill Bowser. Though the enchantress has the technical advantage, Bowser uses a Bullet Bill to stun her. Using a spiked bat, he manages to ward off many of her own magical attacks. While the Sorceress readies a final spell, Bowser uses his bat to strike the dinosaur magician right into the lava below. Bowser grins in satisfaction as his opponent melts into nothingness.

Worst Villain Tournament Ever


King Koopa

Worst Hero And Villain War

King Koopa


Long time ago before Mushroom Kingdom had been established, there was a world known as Subcon, a world where dreams were made. Subcon was ruled by the tyrannical wart and his nightmares, said to be the spawns of the Angel of Darkness. Only the mushroom people were brave enough to rebel against the Subcon's monsters. Wart was eventually overthrown and Subcon ended up changing into Mushroom Kingdom, whose residents believed that a peaceful era was at hand. However, Wart had a son, a reptile-like mutant said to be his heir. He quickly rose in the ranks of the Koopa Clan, a race of intelligent turtles who wanted to take over Mushroom Kingdom and drive away all other species. Their beloved ruler became known as King Koopa, and he soon gathered the former armies of Wart to join his side. He was even able to convince Goombas, who originally were on the side of Mushroom People, to betray their kingdom and join King Koopa's Legion.

King Koopa established himself very quickly as a threat to the Mushroom People, as his magic was too powerful, he had massive armies and he seemed to even surpass Wart in his power. Mushroom Kingdom's authority chose two humans from an alternate dimension to aid them in the battle against Koopa, two plumber brothers Mario and Luigi. Koopa had kidnapped the ruler of mushroom kingdom, Princess Peach Toadstool, and now was trying to force her into marrying him so he could gain control over the kingdom. Mario Brothers were able to stop Koopa and save the princess, but the war raged on, with King Koopa continuing to come up with new plans to destroy the Mario Brothers, only to be thwarted eachtime.

Sometime later, King Koopa was contacted by a giant brain known as Mother Brain and asked for his help in order to establish "Videoland Villains", Koopa agreed to the alliance as long as he could finally destroy those pesky plumbers.


Cartoon Villains War

Vs Dr.Robotnik

For the most part, the rulers of Robotropolis have managed to avoid any major conflicts, choosing to focus on their own internal affairs rather than on conquest. Their peace is interrupted by a rogue Saurian warlord known as King Koopa, who begins wreaking havoc. Mom and Robotnik dispatch their security forces in defense of the city, but Koopa proves to be stronger than they anticipated. However, the pair still has a few tricks up their sleeves...

Free For All Heroes Vs Villains War

Manuel's Villains War

Vs No Heart

The Koopalings create his power pendant that same who did the super powers of Super Mario Brothers. When King Koopa arrived and tells the Koopalings about the villain from The Care Bears and his named No Heart and prepared to fight. Meanwhile No Heart talks about King Koopa, King Koopa uses a Super Leaf to transform as Raccoon Koopa and Raccoon Koopa is flying, but No Heart uses a evil magic to transform Raccoon Koopa back into King Koopa. King Koopa is falling on the water and No Heart is laughing. King Koopa is jumping off the water and his power pendant to not fight No Heart. But King Koopa uses his magic wand to defeat No Heart and King Koopa is laughing.

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Teaming with Thrax

Thrax enters Bowser Castle, and meets up with Bowser, who hires him for a little assignment, in which Thrax replies that his powers are pretty deadly.

Villains Battles

Villains Battles 2


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