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Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead, or else called Black Book or Book of Shadows, is an Ancient Egyptian spellbook, used mostly to resurrect the dead and summon the Warriors of the Book. An ancient treasure, which was held many centuries into the darkness, the Book of the Dead is usually found by an evil person, lusted for power and revenge. The Book of the Dead is briefly featured in Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Somehow, the Book falls under the control of Tzekel-Kan, a shama priest from a distand home. When he is humiliated by Rameses, Tzekel-Kan uses the spellbook to resurrect the priest, Imhotep, through the sacrifice of his acolyte, and restores him in full power. However, a disagreement starts between the two priests, as both want the Book of the Dead for their own reasons. Just as they were fighting, Eris suddenly arrives, knocks Tzekel-Kan into a river and then takes the Book of the Dead to her control, knowing that whoever controls the Book, controls Imhotep and his undead mummy army.

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