Bob The Goldfish
Bob The Killer Goldfish is the fearless (for the most part) dictator of La Planeta De Agua (ARRIBA!!). He is assisted by his Cat Drone, #4.

In "War of the Villains", Bob was in the middle of giving a speech to his aquatic minions, when suddenly, Plankton arrived onto his planet in a small plane. Bob ordered #4 to do away with it, which he did by swatting the plane with his furry feline tail.

When Plankton awoke, Bob demanded why he invaded his homeworld. Plankton offered Bob an alliance for his master plan to steal the Krabby Patty Formula and eventually rule Bikini Bottom. Bob thought Plankton's plan was a proposterous joke, and mocked him with a hearty laugh. However, an infuirated Plankton got the last laugh by placing a Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet on Bob, turning him into one of Plankton's mindless servents.

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