Bluto or Brutus is the main villain in the Popeye franchise, and a nasty sailor who loves to pester Popeye and try to win the heart of his crush Olive Oyl. He varies between being a big strong brute of a man and very bold and smart - he is always depicted as extremely strong (often superhumanly so). However, after he usually beats up Popeye, Popeye finds a can of spinach, eats it, gets stronger, and beats Bluto into unconsciousness.

He was portrayed by the late Paul L. Smith in the live-action film.

in Villains Battles he's the hated Rival of Pete who believe him to be killed by the Bully cat himself many years ago but instead fighting him Bluto who wants to forget about the past and join his forces Pete agreed believe he could be useful to him.

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