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The Blotworx Dragon is a giant metal dragon, which in reality is controlled by a mini-Blotworx. Interesting enough, the Blotworx Dragon is based on the dragon Elliott, the main character from the Disney live-action film Pete's Dragon. He is a the first boss from the video game Epic Mickey II: The Power of Two, and a minor player in the third Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Blotworxs And Nobodies

When the cloaked Xemnas invades the Mad Doctor's laboratory, the triplets Lock, Shock and Barrel do their best by showing two metal robots, the Experiment and the Blotworx Dragon, to deal with the nobody. After Xemnas destroyed the Experiment, the Dragon sneaks from behind and attacks the hooden figure, leaving him unconcious for a limited time. Just as the dragon was laughing at the defeat of the nobody, Xemnas blasts an electric orb into a cliff above the dragon, dropping its boulders to the dragon's metal head, leaving the beast to collapse in the area, much to the Mad Doctor's horror.

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