• Kennithball97

    So assuming I do one of these, it will be akin to Disney Villains VS Non-Disney Villains, BUT I will be going with TV show villains first, then move onto film villains in the second part. Since I have standards, I won't be adding a category onto these, but I will be throwing in what I plan for something like this. If some of you guys want to help me own by bringing in some of your own plans, let me know.


    The New Homunculi

    Although the original Homunculi died in battle, Father, the creator of them was still alive, and still planned to overthrow the government and start his own, however, instead of using Artificial Humans, he would use Artificially Enhanced Humans to help him achieve his goal.


    • Father

    Leader of the Faction

    • All For O…

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  • Cory the Alchemist

    He-Man (2002)

    Powerpuff Girls

    Avatar: the Last Airbender

    G.I. Joe: Renegades

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

    Samurai Jack

    Danny Phantom

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    The Real Ghostbusters

    Jackie Chan Adventures

    Xiolin Chronicles


    Thundercats (2011)

    Sonic SAT A.M.


    Transformers Animated

    My Life as a Teenage Robot

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

    Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Hellsing Ultimate

    Code Geass

    Ben 10

    Alfred J. Kwak

    Dinosaur King




    Your Lie in April

    Blue Exorcist

    Voltron (Netflix)

    Steven Universe

    Sword Art Online

    Death Note

    Attack on Titan

    Peter Pan and The Pirates

    Green Eggs and Ham

    Dragon Ball Z

    Sailor Moon


    Ed, Edd, N' Eddy

    Courage the cowardly dog

    Hazbin Hotel 

    Spongebob Squarepaint…

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here is a list of predicted members, on my part for Benjamin The Donkey's Alliance in Non Disney Heroes vs Villains

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  • HcFortan

    Since it was requested, here are some of the series that are confirmed to appear in EHVVW. This is not all of them obviously.

    Animated Series/Movies

    - Blinky Bill
    - Lapitch
    - Dot and the Kangaroo
    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
    - Mighty Orbots
    - Bluffers
    - Diplodos
    - Danger Mouse
    - Fantomcat
    - Power Team
    - Sonic Boom
    - Ovide and the Gang
    - Captain Sabertooth
    - Sherlock Hound
    - Dogtanian
    - Sandokan
    - David the Gnome
    - Around the World in 80 Days with Willy Fog
    - Oscar's Orchestra
    - Mozart Band
    - Norman Normal
    - Archie's Weird Mysteries (maybe)
    - Totally Spies
    - Martin the Mystery
    - Asterix
    - Filmation Ghostbusters
    - The Real Ghostbusters (unless ckprimeval07 uses it in HvV Part 2)
    - Robocop: Alpha Commando
    - Captain Planet
    - Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling
    - Twipsy
    - C…

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  • HcFortan

    Might as well do this so people here know the current progress.

    S = Singles Match

    TT = Tag Team Match (characters from two series teaming up against a character from one series or more)

    RB = Royal Battle

    Prologue [×]

    Battle 1 (RB) [x]

    Battle 2 (S) [x]

    Battle 3 (S) [x]

    Battle 4 (S) [x]

    Battle 5 (S) [x]

    Battle 6 (TT) [x]

    Battle 7 (S) [x]

    Battle 8 (TT) [x]

    Battle 9 (S) [x]

    Battle 10 (TT) [ ]

    Battle 11 (RB) [x]

    Interlude 1 [ ]

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  • Cory the Alchemist





    Monsters vs Aliens


    The Magic Roundabout

    The Corpse Bride

    Rise of the Guardians

    Shrek trilogy

    The Box Trolls

    Happily N'ever After

    Kung Fu Panda

    How to Train you're Dragon trilogy


    Wallace and Gromit trilogy


    Over the Hedge

    Descpicable Me


    Astro Boy

    The Tale of Despereaux

    Every single Rankin/Bass Christmas specials

    The Adventures of Mark Twan


    The Adventures of Tintin

    TV shows


    Miraculous Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Nouar


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012

    Red vs Blue

    Storm Hawks

    Video Games

    Super Mario Bros trilogy

    Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy

    Shin Megami Tensei trilogy

    Dante's Inferno

    Final Fantasy

    A Wolf Among Us

    God of War 

    Dragon Age

    Mortal Kombat 

    The Legend of Zelda

    Sly Cooper 

    Jake and Daxter

    Ratchet and Clank


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  • Cory the Alchemist



    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World


    The Last Samurai

    Limony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Time Bandits

    Big Trouble in Little China

    The Wizard of Oz

    The Princess Bride

    Harry Potter film trilogy



    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    Legend (1985)

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy


    The 5th Element

    The Labyrinth

    Friday the 13th

    The Hunger Games

    The Matrix

    Willard (2003)

    Leon the Professional

    No Country for Old Men


    Repo! The Genetic Opera



    World War Z



    Child's Play

    Robo Cop

    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


    Children of the Corn

    Stephen King's The Shining 

    Stephen King's IT (Both Tim Curry and Bill Skardsgard versions will be one and the same)

    Stephen King's Ca…

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  • Cory the Alchemist
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  • Cory the Alchemist
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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here are the animal villains which I predict will be part of the Grand Duke Of Owls's Alliance at Animal Farm in Non Disney Heroes vs Villains

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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This is for the true and final villains in the series.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here is Red Jacket Lupin III's Gang for Corey the Alchemist's Disney and Anime Heroes Vs Villains.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    This is a group for Cory the Alchemist's Disney and Anime Heroes Vs Villains series.

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  • Cory the Alchemist
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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This is an alliance that is neutral to both Heroes and Villains. And are trying to take down the Brittanian Empire.

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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This is the alliance lead  by Scar and Bubu in Disney and Anime Heroes vs Villains.

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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This is the alliance of villians who don't see themselves as evil. Just soldiers who wish to end evil and rid the world of sin and are not part of Maleficent's and Queen Beryl's Alliance.

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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This is the main alliance fighting against Maleficent and Queen Beryl

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  • Cory the Alchemist
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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This series is basically a series of Live Action heroes fighting against villains. this was an inspiration of Disney Heroes vs Villains, Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains, Free for All Heroes vs Villains and Heroes vs Villains


    After Queen Jadis the White Witch's death by Aslan, her soul was roamed in Hell ruled by Crowley who recovered her soul and enough of her power, Jadis told him of gathering many villains from around the world to usher in a new age of Darkness and freeing the Armies of Hell from the darkest pit of Hell were many more powerful Devils are inprisioned. Jadis only need Crowley to help her with the plan which luckily enough Crowley is interested in the plan, so back to the mortal realm and Jadis reclaimed her icy kingd…

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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This is the main alliance leading by Maleficent and Queen Beryl.


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  • Cory the Alchemist

    This idea was inspired by Disney Heroes vs Villains, Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains, and Heroes vs Villains

    This series is an inspiration of Disney vs Anime Villains were Disney hereos team up with Anime heroes to fight against the Disney villains and Anime villains.

    I don't have to add a list of Disney films and TV series and Anime series and films this is just something that we can think of already.

    In the Underworld Maleficent and Hades calls in Jafar, Yzma, Captain Hook, Scar, Dr, Facilier, The Archmage, Mozenrath, Aham aghoul, and Prince Phobos to discuse their plans to attack their enemies but are then interrupted by Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom of the Negaverse, who offered an alliance to rid all of the heroes which interest Malefice…

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  • HcFortan

    Lost WVTE Fighta

    May 2, 2020 by HcFortan

    So here's what could have been the rounds 10, 11 and 12 of Worst Villain Tournament Ever.

    Worst Villain Tournament Ever Round 10:

    King K. Rool and Tiki Tak Tribe vs. Metal Robotnik, Rouge and Scratch and Grounder

    Painis Cupcake vs. Isis

    Coconuts vs. GL1TCHK1D vs. Chaos

    Mother Brain, Sleet and Dingo vs. King Koopa and Jap-Koopa Dungeon of Doom vs. Malcolm, I.M.Meen and Count Nefarious

    Attack In The Terminal Dogma (Gauron, Marquis De Signe vs. Gendo, Kaworu, Jarvis Babbit, General Leighton)

    Malmoth vs. Overlord


    - Cortex and Klump mourn King K. Rool's death. However they're cheered up by the fact Koopalliance is also having trouble as proved by vision of Cyberskull

    - With Mother Brain having Chaos under her control, she decides to feed the be…

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here is another group of Villains I created for Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non-Disney Villains as lead by Coco Labouche

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  • BTT9000Returns

    I've created this Misandrisitic Villains Team for Cartoon Network Heroes vs Non-Disney Villains.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    It begins at Jellystone Park where Yogi and Boo Boo have heard that Cindy Bear has gone missing, so the two bears sneak out of Jellystone to save her. After taking various vehicles to reach their destination, they discover that she’s being held captive by some greedy circus owners and the hunter to kidnapped her known as Victor Quartermaine. A friendly weasel, I Am Weasel, and his idiotic baboon friend, IR Baboon, come to their aid and save her, as well as giving her kidnapper the slip with his dog Phillip watching as he knows they’ll get even with that bear. 

    Meanwhile, two boys, Wirt and Greg, accompanied by their frog and bird, Beatrice are wandering through the woods where they are attacked by Goblins (from The Princess and The Goblin)…

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  • BTT9000Returns

    A year has passed since Strike’s invasion of their world, and it was also on that day when 4 young heroes came together and ultimately defeated him. And since then, everyone felt that their city was cleansed of his evil forever. And I thought that it would be as well. Until I discovered that they carry the one key which would avenge him! Oh yes! They may have won that round, but his loss was only a snafu compared to what I’m conducting in his place.

    At a laboratory far away from the City, a crew of mutants are informed by their boss, that they’re heading off to a factory owned by one of his old friends so he can collaborate with him on something sinister.

    Meanwhile, at a factory known as Murkworks Enterprises, a scientist named Synominous Botc…

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  • LiamConnolly

    So here's my Non-Disney Master list for the Tournaments.

    It's incomplete at the moment because it might get a bit tricky on the forum due to errors.

    2D Animated Films:

    Anime Films:

    Live Action Films:

    3D Animated Films:

    2D Animated TV Shows:

    Anime TV Shows:

    Live Action TV Shows:

    3D Animated TV Shows:

    Video Games:


    So some of you help me with some suggestions for this list please?

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  • LiamConnolly

    My Disney Master List

    November 9, 2019 by LiamConnolly

    I'm having a problem deciding which media will be used for the tournaments but I think why not make 2 lists One Disney and the other Non-Disney.

    Here's my possibly completed Disney List

    Hand Drawn Animated Films:

    A Goofy Movie 1 and 2

    Aladdin 1, 2 and 3

    Alice in Wonderland

    Atlantis 1 and 2

    Bambi 1 and 2

    Beauty and the Beast 1, 2 and 3

    Brother Bear 1 and 2

    Cinderella 1, 2 and 3

    Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow your Dreams


    Fantasia 1 and 2

    Fun and Fancy Free


    Home on the Range

    Lady and the Tramp 1 and 2

    Lilo and Stitch 1, 2 3 and 4

    Make Mine Music

    Melody Time

    Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

    Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

    Mulan 1 and 2

    One Hundred and One Dalmatians

    Peter Pan 1 and 2


    Pocahontas 1 and 2

    Robin Hood

    Saludos Amigos


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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here's another group of animal villains I created for Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non-Disney Villains. This particular group was inspired by Ratigan's Alliance in the Heroes Vs Villains series.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here's a team of animal villains I made (lead by the main villains of Scooby Doo On Zombie Island) for Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non Disney Villains.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here is another villain team I created for Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non Disney Villains.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here is a Hero team I created for my Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non-Disney Villains series.

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Here's one of my villain groups in Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non-Disney Villains. This for the true and final villains in this series.

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  • BTT9000Returns
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  • Bridal Shotacon

    I decided to lave this fandom because no one would have listened. All the want is to include every Cartoon, Anime, Live Action, and Video gaames in into Non-Disey. It all everyone needs it to be! The NEW RULE that everyone love most is "If a character is not created by Disney, put them in the Non-Disney category."

    Yeah that what Manwhoooo always wanted it to be. So I'm through with all of YOU!!!!

    I RAGE QUITE!!!!

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  • LiamConnolly

    I haven't posted any countdowns on this wiki or any others so I'll try with this one.

    20: Pokémon Heroes vs Disney and Non-Disney Villains by BrerDaniel/DisneyDaniel93.

    19: SuperMetalSonic1985's Villains War Tournament by SuperMetalSonic1985.

    18: Free for All Villains Tournament by DryLuigi.

    17: Non-Disney Heroes vs Villains by Zachary Baker (old) and Fattus Cattus/Bertie12 and Corey the Keyblade Warrior (new).

    16: Free for All Heroes vs Villains Tournament by Rizo2612 Studios.

    15: Video Game Villains War by Dagwood525.

    14: DC vs Marvel Villains by Injusticelord.

    13: Movie Villains War by ZareltheKiller/Sasoricrocodiel.

    12: Non-Disney vs DC Villains by Sonihadow21.

    11: Worst Villains Tournament Ever/Worst Heroes and Villains Tournament Ever by HCFor…

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  • BTT9000Returns

    Ben V. here and I want to tell you all something I came up with and wish to attribute writing too as well. After watching CkPrimeval07's Heroes vs Villains and Miro Floydike's Worst Hero And Villain War Ever, I've decided to come up with my own crossover battle series (at least the writing for it) which pits characters from Cartoon Network shows up against animated villains from Non-Disney properties. I call it Cartoon Network Heroes Vs Non-Disney Villains.

    The series takes place in a time after the events of the OK KO Let's Be Heroes "Crossover Nexus" episode where it seems like the toons of the Cartoon Network world was free from Strike's evil forever. But they're wrong, a villainous force has gotten hold of Strike's mechanical arm and i…

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  • LiamConnolly

    Help here on the Wiki

    December 17, 2018 by LiamConnolly

    I just want to let you know that I'm still going on this forum in this account However my skills in editing in script's and Gallery's are trying to prove it so Which pages should I do to help you out?

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  • Delomon

    Hello everyone who see this, will see this wiki is missing new administrators because the previous ones are inactive and this wiki suffered problems, I post as administrator who support me? Or someone else wants to take charge of this wiki?

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  • J.J. Chambers


    May 28, 2015 by J.J. Chambers

    Hello, everyone!

    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • MrTheEvilGuy

    What with all the plagiarized pages, things without images, the whole BillyCEarl incident, Pages and categories about villains who never appered, and tournaments that never happened...We gotta clean this place up...but how?

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  • Natemamate


    March 7, 2014 by Natemamate







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  • Dagwood525

    I am proud to announce that the character guides for the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War are FINISHED!!! Many thanks to everyone who worked to complete this project!

    Next, I'll be working on the original Disney Villains War. With war 3 in progress, I think it's high time the wiki reflected the scope of the second major tournament.

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  • Spartian300

    a great and terrible evil is rising. Herobrine, lord of the nether, plans a scheme of epic portions to fulfil his dark designs. To achieve this, he gathers an alliance of Hades, The Horned King, Maleficent, Eris, Galactus and Pitch Black to aid him. Chernabog and Trigon, however, will not allow this upstart to claim victory, and gathers the Emperor of Night, The Nightmare King, The Titans, and Unicorn to their cause. War is brewing between the dark gods. But one being will not allow war to destroy all life: Yen Sid has rallied all the heroes to his cause of peace and order, and stands as the beacon of hope in a war torn multiverse. The Cold War has begun. all sides try to gain an advantage over the other through small skirmishes. The war i…

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  • ToonMaster7

    Animated Villains vs Video Game Villains is a spinoff tournamatent created by Toonmaster7 and EpicKirby.

    The War begins when Heinz Doofenshmirtz shows his OtherDimmension-inator to Maleficent, Hades, Jafar, and Pete. Once they used the device without Doofenshmirtz, they trigger a war between the Animated Dimmension and the Video Game Dimmension.

    Current Rounds:

    -Round 1

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