Blackwolf's Skull Minions

The Skull Minions of Blackwolf are minions of the dark wizard, Blackwolf, and minor characters in the Ralph Bakshi's animated movie, "Wizards". A pair of two minions, who like to toy with with the wizard, in his spare time. The Skull Minions, themselves, do not have fighting footage, but still, they have make minor appearances in the villains wars.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

The Skull Minions appear, toying with Blackwolf, before Maleficent sends a vision of herself to the Animated Universe, to instruct Blackwolf to protect her castle from any intruders. This is the only pic of the Minions, featured in this war, thus far.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Skull Minions appear, again toying with their master, when Larry reports of Necron 99's loss at the hands of the heroes. They are later seen, when Maleficent proposes to Blackwolf's master, the Horned King, to combine their forces with her, so that they would strike down the remain heroes, as the Horned King and his allies agree to her offer. The Skull Minions do not make another appearance in the rest events of the war.

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