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Blackbot the Pirate is one of the few new models of Badnik created when Dr. Robotnik returned to Mobius as a Drakon proxy in Issue 250 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is humanoid, wears a red shirt and tri-corner hat and has a cutlass on one arm. This robot is seen fighting Simpson the Cat in Scourge Bay during The Battle For Mobius. It is unknown what happened to Blackbot; considering Simpson's ineptitude at fighting and Captain Plunder being under The Curse of King Akotek, Blackbot's mission may have been quite successful.History As seen in Sonic the Comic.Added by RainbowmanBlackbot was originally a one-shot character from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. He appeared in the episode Blackbot the Pirate, the first part of the four-part Chaos Emerald saga. His inclusion was apparently down to Stiv, who was also responsible for pencilling Blackbot's panel. It was inked and coloured by Matthew Allen Smith. Blackbot possessed a map showing the location of the Chaos Emerald of Invisibility. In an attempt to find the Emerald, Doctor Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder time-traveled into the past and landed on Blackbeard's ship. The fierce pirate easily defeated Scratch and Grounder in combat (slicing Grounder to ribbons with his sword, then beating Scratch with nunchaku). However, Robotnik turned him into a robot slave with his robot-transmogrifier ray, re-naming him Blackbot the Pirate.When Sonic and Tails arrived to stop Robotnik, Blackbot fought Sonic atop the ship's mast. Although Sonic managed to knock Blackbot to the deck, the robot responded by capturing Tails and forcing him to walk the plank, leading Sonic to leap into the water to save him. Blackbot then accompanied Robotnik on the search for the Chaos Emerald, and fought Sonic again. However, when Sonic managed to obtain the Emerald and become invisible, he used his razor-sharp spinning to slice Blackbot to ribbons. TriviaBlackbot also appeared in the episode's Sonic Sez segment.Blackbot is based from The Legendary Killer Pirate.

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