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Blackbeard is a vicious and a deadly pirate, desiring the fountain of youth, on purpose to claim immortality. He is the primary antagonist of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, On Strange Tides, while a major player in the second and third Disney Villains Wars.

Disney Villains War 2


Never has there been, nor shall there be, a pirate throughout all the myriad realms as famous, as powerful, as successful, or as bloodthirsty as Blackbeard.

Blackbeard keeps his true origins and motivations close to the chest, but that hasn't stopped rumors from circulating. The most famous is that his real name is Edward Teach, that he was born in England, that he served the crown as a privateer during a war with Spain, and that he turned to true piracy after the war's end left him without a steady paycheck. However, there is evidence that he may be much older than he appears, as accounts claim he was one of the original Pirate Lords that sealed away Calypso under the instruction of Davy Jones. Some even claim that he is actually the metaphysical embodiment of piracy.

Blackbeard was believed to have perished after being ambushed by Lieutenant Robert Maynard off of his hideout on Ocrocoke Inlet. It is said that after being killed and beheaded, his headless body swam around Maynard's ship thirteen times before sinking. However, Blackbeard later appeared alive and well, but much more dangerous than before.

In a bold and daring raid, Blackbeard attacked a Morganian outpost in order to steal the relic known as the Sword of Triton. With much of his crew gone after Maynard's attack, Blackbeard built a new one by using the Sword to animate the corpses of his enemies as zombies under his control. One of these zombies, who became Blackbeard's new quartermaster, was inexplicably gifted with the power of prophecy. Blackbeard relied on his bosun's predictions while planning raids, but was greatly distressed when he was warned that true death was fast approaching for him, and it would come in the shape of a one-legged man. Blackbeard began planning the ultimate journey, seeking the legendary Fountain of Youth.

Vs Ramsley

Having been warned of his own impending death at the hands of a one-legged man by his quartermaster, who had the ability to see the future, the feared pirate Blackbeard set out on a quest to find the legendary Fountain of Youth and become immortal. Hearing that the haunted Gracey mansion may hold the secrets to the Fountain's location, Blackbeard sought out the mansion and its ghostly caretaker, Ramsley. Not taking kindly to visitors of any kind, Ramsley summoned the 999 spirits infesting the mansion to throw out the intruder, but Blackbeard had a secret weapon: the Sword of Triton, a legendary blade which gave him immense supernatural power. Using the Sword to summon a demon from Hell, Blackbeard cast Ramsley and his minions into the infernal pit. Although he survived the encounter, Blackbeard was no closer to finding the Fountain and departed in frustration.

The meeting with Cutler Beckett

Blackbeard, his expedition to the Gracey mansion a failure, allied himself with Lord Beckett, who agreed to provide information on the Fountain of Youth in exchange for his services as a privateer.

With nothing meaningful coming from his privateer service and with his destined time of death fast approaching, Blackbeard resigned his post and left Cutler Beckett to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. Not taking this well, Beckett pursued the pirate on his flagship, the Endeavour. Catching up to the Queen Anne's Revenge off the coast of Florida, Beckett ordered his men to attack Blackbeard, who turned to confront his former employer. Unfortunately for Beckett, the Pirate all Pirates Fear had a deadly surprise in store. The Queen Anne's Revenge blasted Beckett's flagship with Greek Fire launchers hidden in the bow, igniting the powder magazine and destroying the Endeavour. In shock, Beckett did nothing as the flames engulfed his body.

Vs Long John Silver

Having finally found the Fountain of Youth, Blackbeard prepared to drink its waters and become immortal. However, he found another pirate crew in wait, led by the Live-Action counterpart of Long John Silver, who Blackbeard's quartermaster confirmed was the one-legged man destined to bring about Blackbeard's death. Silver, unimpressed by Blackbeard's threats, demanded Sao Feng's charts, but Blackbeard decided to fight. As Blackbeard's crew engaged Silver's muppet crew, one of Silver's crew surrendered to Blackbeard out of fear. However, a particularly large muppet entered the battle and crushed two of Blackbeard's zombified pirates. The two captains then engaged each other. As they clashed blades, Blackbeard initially took the upper hand as he slashed Silver's clothes to pieces. However, as Blackbeard moved in to finish Silver off, Silver quickly slashed Blackbeard across the torso. As Blackbeard collapsed next to the Fountain, Silver took the charts and departed

Disney Villains War 3

Joining The Queen of Hearts

In Wonderland, the new Queen gathered her allies including Nizam, Kalabar and Blackbeard for her coronation. Cora immediately wished to mobilize all of Wonderland.


Captain Hook and Maleficent had located the fountain of youth but found it guarded by Blackbeard, who had previously used it to restore his life, and his daughter Angelica. Hook and Blackbeard started clashing swords until Blackbeard knocked Hook down. At the same time, Angelica held Maleficent at blade point. But Maleficent knocked her away with a little blast of magic. Maleficent then used her magic to make the water around the fountain tear the flesh from Blackbeard's bones, killing him as Angelica looked on in horror.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Movies Villains War

Vs Blackwood

Aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackwood tries to convince her crew to follow him. He promises to protect them with his magic and a generous reward. But then, Captain Barbossa tells Blackwood that pirates don't kneel to sorcerers. Blackwood prepares to fight, but then a second pirate captain appears; Blackbeard himself. He decides to show them both the power of dark magic.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Vs Paul

After watching Shendu banish Drago, Tracey meets up with Paul, and tells him about the live action universe and how he can get there. Paul reluctantly goes to Cobra Industries where he gets into the dimension machine, and as he enters, he comes across a nasty pirate known as Blackbeard, in which they start a nasty fight. This is being watched by Captain Hook, who is asked by Blackbeard if he can join Queen Narissa's pirate team.

Villains Battles

Vs Davy Jones

Lord Cutler Beckett summons Davy Jones because he wants him to take out the most dangerous pirate of them all known as Blackbeard. When the pirate and the undead pirate start the fight, who will have the upper hand?

Villains Battles 2


Queen Narissa and Doc. Terminus, after taking out Davy Jones and joining forces, receive the visit from three old faces from last war. Terminus welcomes them aboard. Now with new allies, Queen Narissa revives a villain killed last war against an undead pirate.

Vs Cutler Beckett

Now back from the death, Blackbeard threatens the one who sent Davy Jones after him last war to make him walk the plank if he doesn't join forces with Queen Narissa. Beckett, instead, decides to deal with him, but he finds that maybe he has underestimated Blackbeard and his cannons...

Villains Battles 3

Vs Maleficent and Skeletor

Two old faces have found the Fount of Youth, however they are interrupted by the Mistress of all Evil and Skeletor and a battle erupts. Which side will get the Fount of Youth?